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  1. The last three or so days when logging in the popup says that there is no information for the day in the history archives (or something like that) With this screen coming up, there is no display of the stats increase for another day of login. A cursory glance (without tracking values) it appears that my stats are growing.....but not positive on it. Steps to reproduce: Wait for a 24 hour window to pass then login to Magic Duel. No stats increase is displayed when there is no info on the day. Expected results: During login, if there is no information in the history archives, the s
  2. Welcome!! You will truly enjoy the game. I have played for only a week or so but I continue to find new and interesting things around the world! Keilerian
  3. [quote name='Espartano' date='24 July 2010 - 09:23 AM' timestamp='1279988634' post='64532'] Perhaps that answer is pretty simple, NPC does not add count losses. [/quote] Interesting...because NPC's are all I've fought. That is how I got 3 losses -- by fighting the Shades. But tomorrow I shall seek out players to lose to.
  4. Here is the situation: I am at the Willow Shop where the two guards stand. My win/loss count at that time was 8, 3. I created a fight mix and fought the first guard. At the end of the fight I got my xp and my win count boosted 9, 3. Now I attack the second guard....and I lost. At the end of the fight, however, my loss count did not increase. I fought the guard 3 different times and my loss count remains at 3.
  5. Just learning about Magic Duel and what is happening.

  6. I am extremely new to the game. However I am also totally enthralled. During the first 5 hours of gameplay I felt almost like being inside the head of a drug addict. It left me thinking, 'gee this really took hold of me'. Now I'm in the carnival and hitting clowns. Very nice. I'm excited to see how the game unfolds. I'm currently thinking about what to write about my character and how I ended up here. And already had a terrific RP out at the paper shack. What a great place. Thanks to the folks that have put this together and I hope to become a part of it as well. I am a writer an
  7. I could not find anything on the web about Angiens. But if they are duality beings, then we who play this game itself are actually duality beings. If Howling Gates has an Angien there then perhaps it is representative of the mirror of our true selves. I'm just starting the game....so please take my comments with a tremendous dose of salt.
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