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  1. Date: 2013-02-09 [b]Seed's to the Earth![/b] [img]http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a590/darkraptormd/20130902_SeedsOn_1_zps5ccf4628.jpg[/img] [img]http://i1285.photobucket.com/albums/a590/darkraptormd/20130902_SeedsOn_2_zpscb704e33.jpg[/img] A assorted set of seeds have been sowed into rich soil. Protection from frost was needed because of this year's heather. Also the soil have been prepared... and yes..you spotted correctly.. There will be TOMATO!
  2. This will hold pictures, thoughs and experiences on my garden. When i've designed my garden a part of it was specifically dedicated to cultivate vegetables, aromatic herbs and fruits. This year's winter have been a bit harsh so seeding and planting have been a little delayed, still i will post pictures to allow all interested to follow the garden progress. ~dark
  3. I know the status is: not looking for more people, but i would be glad to help if needed by doing MDA
  4. Currently 4 Elus can be bind in a ritual. I'm [b]almost[/b] sure elus were excluded from the selection list until recently..
  5. And when creating a ritual with such creature, the following message is displayed: "illegal action reported, keeping on this path will get you banned. #ab0k"
  6. It makes some sense to me that the usage of a tool can lead to damage it. So at every use a tool should have a associated risk of damage, that risk would be higher as the resource is closer to depletion. For example, if 1. After gathering the resource will stay in 60% to 99% of it's max, risk should be minimum so the possible tool damage would be random from 0% to 5% 2. After gathering the resource will stay in 30% to 59% of it's max, risk should be medium so the possible tool damage would be random from 10% to 50% 3. After gathering the resource will stay in 1% to 29% of it'
  7. Thank you for sharing the log. ~dark
  8. I would like to try such a quest. Since i've never done something similar and only at some weekends i can put my hands on the job, i would appreciate a "enlarged" time period to finnish the quest. ~dark
  9. After some delays the Trivia Final was possible to be played today with all 5 contestants present. [b]The Final Score was :[/b] [b]Sunfire[/b] Won with 5 Points, [b]Valldore Nall[/b] got second with 3 points and [b]AmberRune[/b] third with 2 points. Congratz To All, and thank you for participating. ~dark [size=3]note: the trivia is still available to anyone that have not already participated and considers that is able to beat lashtal's score! (use [b]helpxmas[/b] at the small orb of GoE)[/size]
  10. 10 points => Tal -tag "protector of loreroot" 9 points => phantasm -tag "MasterChief" 8 points => ChildOfTheSoul - tag "wanderer" 7 points => everyone -No man's land citizenship. 6 points => Miq - spell to reclaim TSB keys 5 points => Darigan - return of my piece of brain and the Root of the Matter Inn Guest Book from BlackThorn's Inventory 4 points => Pipstickz - ability to give a spell doc page 3 points => Maebius - a fancy hat 2 points => Hedge Munos -guitar item. 1 points => purplebunny - everlasting purple carrot
  11. [b]AmberRune, Clockmaster, Lashtal, Valldore Nall and Sunfire,[/b] Please accept my sincere apologies for failing at be present at the scheduled time to run the final trivia. My region was bashed with heavy rain and strong winds and we were left without power and communications for the all saturday. Our landscape is now scenery like those i only use to see on the news... I will contact you all again and try to reschedule a new date and time, i'm trully sorry for this. ~dark
  12. [b]Final Trivia for the WP will be tomorrow (saturday 19 jan) around 16:00 ST[/b] Anyone can now try the Trivia and try to outscore lashtal! just go to the Gazebo of Equilibrium Hidden Orb and whisper: [b]HelpXmas[/b] Good Luck ~dark
  13. 3GC 5SC for Imp #1 3GC 5SC for Imp #2 ~dark
  14. Ok, should be open now to all MD edit: Please don't use alts..
  15. Here is The Winners Trivia [b]TOP 5[/b]: [font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]1. [b]lashtal[/b] scored 18 in 311 seconds 2. [b]*Clock Master*[/b] scored 15 in 220 seconds 3. [b]AmberRune[/b] scored 15 in 299 seconds 4. [b]Valldore Nal[/b] scored 14 in 300 seconds 5. [b]Sunfire[/b] scored 13 in 166 seconds[/font] I will schedule to the next weekend the last battle for the WP. I will be available from 09:00ST to 17:00ST (saturday and sunday). Following is the full table of the (blind) selected rewards: [font=courier new,courier,monospace][size=3]1 -ignnus -> 01
  16. 8 Casts of the new Spell: [b]Shift Resonance[/b] Uppon cast the Spellcaster will shift his resonance to match his own version on target location. (if posssible: if target location is tagged as No Jump, the resonance will disrupt and send tha caster to a random location) [b]Reasons:[/b] 1. Being for long a [b]Dimensional Shifters[/b] member it would be important to not only talk about multiple dimensions and string theories BUT to actually be able to use it ingame. 2. Selfish use (or abuse) of a very handy "teleport" like system 3. Ability to imprint such spell on Memston
  17. Could it be possible without raising too much spoilers to have a "[b]Scene of The Day[/b]"? I think it could be very interesting to all newcomers to know and actually see how vast is MD, one scene per day. The scene could be displayed with a short description and it would be also nice if some older player(s) could be around to answer any extra questions about it. ( avoiding all sorts of spoilers beyond the scene itself ofc) ~dark
  18. 17 of the 19 Winners already played the trivia.. I was expecting that a deadline wouldnt be necessary but.. since it's taking more time than i expected.. [b]Deadline for Winners Trivia is: day 14 Jan 10:00 ST[/b] Max Mortlock and tankfans, please play the trivia asap. [b]Once all Winners have played and the top 5 is selected, the Trivia will be open to all participants![/b] ~dark
  19. I was already preparing a clickie with a simple concept: [b]Bingo Hour[/b] A event that would happen every day and the winner would get a "small" reward something like a SpellStone. (actually i'm gathering some of those to put the quest/activitie up.) edit: Prize could also be something new like: a free teleport to any MD location ~dark
  20. Finally the quiz clickie is up! Time for the quest winners to battle for a WP! To answer the Trivia go to the GoE hidden orb and speak the word : [b]HelpXmas[/b] You will be asked to choose a number that will give you a corresponding prize on [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5791"]this[/url] list (pass will be disclosed later). The list consists of (19 prizes of my stock): 1 Dream Mutation 2 Sharptears 4 Mirrorritual Stones 5 Locate Stones 4 Silvertongue Stones 2 Movelock Stones 1 Colored Paper (15 units) Then the clickie will make [b]20 questions[/b] with a limited
  21. Family Xmas [attachment=4366:house01.jpg] [b]I wish you all a Happy New Year![/b] dark
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