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  1. creatures currently  display vitality numbers incorrectly (or none)   using FF18 on windows platform
  2. Spartiatis death was before the existence of the "Revival Specialist". Also, for what i know, he was asked a great sum of gold to be revived and i guess he decided that he would not pay for it (even when he had alot more of value) because.. what assurance he would have that in the minute after his revival he would not be dead again?   I remember to be discussed how this would be a nice way of making business...easy gold..
  3. I consider Molquert and his guards a very cool ingame quest.. ok.. it gives no personal rewards but that's perfectly ok! Not everything should be about fat rewards! I've done that quest 3 times and i've enjoyed every bit :D  If i have the chance i will do it again and again just for the fun.   (ps: i have to agree that not be able to see the guards is a added trouble)
  4. Life Orb is charging again, thank you :-)
  5. A Human Cannon! (actually not only for humans but large enough to fit any MD character..) The thrust is vapor based so a supply of lumber and water will be needed to activate the device. Activating the device will fire up the player in the air to a random location with Sky visibility. :D [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/MDHCannon_zps99d06414.jpg.html][/URL] (a skill limited sketch of such device that could fit on a GG landscene or for ease of accessibility on Old Mans Road) Features Used: Progressive Combiner, Chase (or teleport..idk..) Notes on possible improv
  6. Craft It Yourself!   Quest Description: Before finding a small parchment lying on the side of the road you would never imagine that you would be immersed into such adventure... A adventure full with puzzles that will lead the player to travel the realm following clues and hints to find some secret construction plans and the needed resources to craft his own tool! (1 use/non-transferable) Notes:  1.Once the player had finnished the quest he would be able to reconstruct the Tool (1 use/non-transferable) by redo a part of the quest that requires quite a good effort (and AP..) &
  7. I'm currently 1kAD and recently used the shop for the first time so here is my opinion about some of the items. But first i would like to say that in 3 years i felt absolutly no need of using the shop other than in the Extra Features branch.. wich is easy to get only with free credits. I'm a subscriber because it's my opinion that if i play the game every day and i can then i Must Support It. Powerups and Rechargers I think all the powerup's (Concoction's of True Self,Regeneration Ritual's,etc) have a very easy equivalent form of being achieved the same result by waiting some time or by
  8. All this new features seem so great because they open a vast number of quest making possibilities. From what i've understand the system enables pickable items vs normal items on the scenes, wich is great, but for flexibility it would be good that the questmaker can program that beaviour "on-the-fly". I would like to sugest a draft for 3 mdscript functions to handle the items:       MDScriptSceneItemShow(<ItemId>,<PlayerId>,<visibility>)   MDScriptSceneItemPick(<ItemId>,<PlayerId>,<NumberOfUses>)   MDScriptSceneItemUse(&l
  9. I also have some items that appear on the default.. though i'm not sure where they correctly belong, still here is the list: (ID:37400) 1st Place Trophy - MDSF (ID:18779) History of the Elucubrat (ID:32413) Life Orb (usable) (ID:32230) Staff of Seven (ID:9429)  Sword of the Storm (ID:35317) Third Place medal Thank you darkraptor
  10. Try to Grow a Garden, visit and take time with it everyday, watch plants grow and give fruits... it's a incredibly rewarding activity/therapy to peace your mind. And i can tell you it works very well for some people i know.   Exercise is also a good thing, probably best for "one of those days"
  11. Date: 2013-08-10 [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/20130810_Grow81_zpse7bf78fe.jpg.html][/URL] [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/20130810_Grow83_zps04d4efda.jpg.html][/URL][url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/20130810_Grow82_zps747ee2d6.jpg.html][/URL] [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/20130810_Grow85_zpsb8bb5d26.jpg.html][/URL] and.. a month or so ago i tried to plant Stevia.. Guess what.. the Stevia liked my garden :D [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/20130810_Grow
  12. Dialogs still not working for me (send msg, daily progress..etc)
  13. Thank you Draconas for the quest, it have a very good plot and it's quite rewarding to chase and talk with the accuseds.   Congratz to you and for all of them! :D   Took me 2 weeks and countless hours in stakeout :P
  14. humm... since my error still persits... and i'm not using any anti-virus... i guess whatever the code is.. is running..
  15. i have the error for about 1 hour now..... to be honest i did not reported because i saw BFH online.. and though he was playing with code :D
  16. no sure if related byt actually i have no AV and MD is giving this #0f2490# echo " "; #/0f2490#   at the top of every frame.. dialogs also not working for me
  17. Thanks for the feedback *smiles*   I know that this is a bit more than some lines of work but i'm sure once we can reach  a "ideal" concept we can cut it at the best spot to lower the implementation costs (time). At least that's my personal method.. i'm lazy.. never code a word without have a full plan trimmed to what is essencial :-P   Aquellia, you have a good point. It was me that failed to explain the whole idea.. i've kind of though of the possibility to the user select what he considers relevant when i added the dismissed field in the player dependent information to st
  18. Add a "Breaking News" (or whatever term is better for this) after the login screen and acessible by a link on the daily progress. This would have the current ongoing quests or events as well as the planned upcomming ones.. (sort of a evolution from the current existing system) [url=http://s1285.photobucket.com/user/darkraptormd/media/PosLogonInfo_project_zps7915485a.jpg.html][/URL] I think this can be very usefull to prevent the common newcommer question: "What else can i do here?" As usual this could be implemented the easy way.. or in a more elaborated very nice way.. I've created a t
  19. The goal it would be to: 1. Allow users idependently know about active/upcomming quests and their status 2. Allow questmakers to keep permanent quests active and still work and run other quests 3. Allow questmakers give feedback directly by mdscript to the player 4. Extend the concept to Events 5. Interact with the current quest surveil/eval system by suppling the number of participants and their scores (everything unlinked ofc to keep anon) What would possibily be needed: 1. Add a way to questmaker submit a quest init request that will return a QuestID associated with a player (
  20. Thank you all for comments First, i'm NOT against depletion or overcollect, people have tools and should be able to use them as they want! (I usually don't overcollect but that is just my choice) I really like the current system where people have the freedom to do their choices and that choices affects the others. The only issue i (personally) found is that the current system is too unbalanced because is infinitly more easy to keep a resource depleted than the oposite. Problems pointed so far: 1. Abusable exploit   Depletion would be possible and that's perfectly ok from my point o
  21. probably controversial but.. maybe a possible way to assure a long term self balancing system. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13758-add-damage-by-usage-to-every-tool/   ps: i know.. probably too much work to do without garanteed results.. well maybe at least discuss it
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