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  1. Small Trivia Up at the Elf's Stone in GoE (use the same quest keyword: HelpXmas)   20 Questions, 180 seconds to answer each question, 1 point  scored for each correct answer... please note that you can leave the clickie to search for information and if you are back before the time runs out you still can answer the question.   Winner will be the one with higher score in the least amount of time.   Good Luck!   Restrictions: only players that have finnished the quest can participate.  
  2. Quest was completed by.. Acrisius Ary Endleg Asthir Bash Chelik gonzalocsdf Lania TheRichMerchant Valoryn It was very nice to see new players participating and hopefully having some fun! All winners will receive     1 Spellstone(from me)     1 Silver(from TK)     1 Pickle from Syrian Next week i should put up the clickie with the trivia so we can find out who will get the top rewards :-D wich are..     1 Soulweaver Sponsored by lashtal     1 Gold Coin Sponsored by lashtal + 1 Joker (from me)    &#
  3. Adventuring Award: Amberrune Best Beautification : Gonzalocdsf Champion Fighter: Clock Master Fossil of the year: No One Helper of the Year: Mya Celestia Most Popular: Chewett Prime Quest: Nimrodel Rookie of the year: Valoryn Top Techie: Burns Pre-eminent role player: Draconas
  4. Thank you Gonzalo :)   So..the second round (trivia) will have another reward in the pool!
  5. Lania and Asthir have already helped Santa's Elf.. will you also do it? :) Syrian have also offered sponsorship so.. 1 Pickle reward for every player that finnishes the quest! thank you Syrian  
  6. thank you for participating, i will be around for any help or hint's necessary ;)
  7. BFH the silver part of my fault since i've not asked more and i'm happy to sponsor my quests with my stuff if i can.   It's a resuming of the last years quest. lashtal just told me he will be sponsoring the quest with: 1 Gold Coin 1 Fresh soulweaver     So.. i will add a second round for all winners of trivia questions to distribute the extra rewards :D     Thank you lashtal
  8. (This quest was prepared for last years XMas and as such this quest is targeted to new players and those that did not had the chance to finnish it.) The Santa's Elf's need your help!! Go visit their shop under the rock at Gazebo of Equilibrium using the "HelpXmas" words. Be aware that this can be the beginning of an adventure! Rewards:  All that sucessfully help the Elf's will win:    1 spellstone (locate,mirror or silvertongue ) from my stock (or in alternative a 4M heated creature)    1 silver sponsored by TK           Durat
  9. I would like to offer my help for this project.     darkraptor
  10. I believe all rewards have been distributed, if not please contact me.   Thanks for all that have replied (by pm) with feedback, your help is much appreciated to improve further quests :)     Mods please close thread. thank you
  11. Reached 1000 volition playername: darkraptor playerid: 193670
  12. THANK YOU ALL for participating and having the patience to follow this quest. i had a lot of fun coding and running it.. hopefully you also had some fun playing it :) The Winners are.. 1. *Nimrodel* scored 70 (40+9+5+10+6) at 2013-11-01 03:11:50 2. AmberRune scored 69 (40+8+2+9+10) at 2013-11-05 05:11:21 3. Valoryn scored 67 (40+8+2+7+10) at 2013-11-01 17:11:00 4. Intrigue scored 67 (40+9+5+7+6) at 2013-11-04 15:11:41 5. Valldore Nal scored 61 (40+10+5+0+6) at 2013-11-04 13:11:41 6. Eara Meraia scored 60 (40+10+5+5+0) at 2013-11-07 22:11:39 7. lashtal scored 59 (40+10+5+4+0) at 2013-
  13. Quest is over now, thank you all that have participated :)   11 winners... tomorrow i will post the scoreboard :D
  14. 10 Questers have finnished the quest so far.. Question is.. can YOU beat their score? :D
  15. Thank you for your quest, and congratz to the winners :)
  16. 20 Participants, 6 already got the cookies!! Can you beat their score? :P Added TK rewards: 4 Gold for Second Place 1 Gold for Third Place
  17. Thank you all that are participating! (14 so far :-P )   I've added a Wishpoint as a reward to the Winner of the quest and also a aged Angien to pool of prizes :D     Good Luck All! I hope you all are able to get your Cookies!!
  18. Halloween Cookies! Winners!   Congratz to madjikman, Vasilemacel, tankfans, Intrigue, Valoryn and Ary Endleg!     Thank you all for playing :)   Rewards will be delivered very soon. you all invited to try this years sequel :D   http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14994-halloween-cookies-again/
  19. Halloween Cookies! Again! Brief description and rules: This another little "adventure" quest, where player will be driven into a adventure to collect items, interact with npc's and solve some puzzles. It's Halloween so we need... Halloween Cookies!!! :D You have heard that in the hut that lays on the road to MDA there's a Old Lady with the ability to make cookies.. So.. you have a place to start your Quest! You can use the Magic word: Halloween Cookies Go! Have fun!.. and a bit of patience :D Scoring: Along the adventure there will be tasks that will be evaluated and scored, the
  20. Halloween Cookies! Update! Congratz to madjikman, Vasilemacel, tankfans and Intrigue that have already tasted the cookies! Still some time left.. go go go :D  
  21. AD: 1061 Volition: 96   I've been away for the last 8 days, but i've made most of the volition in 2 or 3 rounds around my homeland and by walking the Paper cabin - aramory path.
  22. Thank you all that are participating.. remember i'm always around GoE.. and if needed just leave a pm.. i may give a hint or two ;)   Good luck and have fun!
  23. Halloween Cookies!!! I've heard that the Old Woman is again in the hunt at north of Marind Bell capital as some of you already know she is able to cook the special MagicDuel Halloween Cookies! Go TALK to her and venture yourself to help her and get some cookies to yourself! :D Restrictions:   1. Players that have finnished this quest last year are not eligible for rewards   2. No alts allowed Rewards:   All that sucessfully help the Old Woman to make the cookies will win:     1 spellstone (locate,mirror or silvertongue ) from my stock    
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