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  1. You can find a compilation of the MDScript available functions in the Wikia: http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Category:MDScript
  2. I personaly would implement the Cannon: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14780-interesting-use-or-combination-of-existing-features/#entry143812   just because... it would be cool :P
  3. Lorerootian Archer currently gives permanent stats and skills
  4. in my case replays shows creature tokens.
  5. always available to try help
  6. Question: Those that have been on the discussing party.. how many wins did they ever get into a creature?   (a max number please)
  7. Why not just permanently remove the personal stats from que battle equation? If the goal is "everybody can beat everybody" this could be a easy fast solution.
  8. darkraptor : received 1 aniv Aramors for Eagle Eye quest   thank you
  9. darkraptor : received 2 aniv Aramors for quest creation ( PaintYourAramor! and LightTheCandles)   thank you
  10. Quest Title: Paint Your Aramor! Brief description and rules: This quest was designed for last year's MD birthday and since only a few had the chance to participate i've decided to put it up again.   In this quest the player will be driven in a little adventure to collect items, interact with npc's and solve puzzles. This time the goal would be to grab a fresh aramor and paint it! If you can't win it from official quests.. Make One Yourself!! You can use the Magic word: PaintYourAramor! After gather some information you realize that your best option to make a aniversary aramor is t
  11. Quest Ended! Congratz to the winner Team: Clock Master, lashtal and  Pipstickz!   thank you for playing :D
  12. Stage 2 up to the take!! Participate and beat the current leaders! :D
  13. When editing any document if i try to insert a image, a link.. or basically anything that should popup a dialog it appears:   Strict Standards: Non-static method SpawVars::getServerVar() should not be called statically in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/config/config.php on line 7 Strict Standards: Non-static method SpawConfig::setStaticConfigItem() should not be called statically in /home/magicdue/public_html/lib/spaw/config/config.php on line 7 Strict Standards: Non-static method...
  14. Alright!! 1st Stage Complete!! Congratz Clock Master, lashtal and  Pipstickz!   Now.. who dares to challenge and beat stage 2?? :D
  15. Teams Sign Up Reopened!! Go Go :D
  16. Sign Up Time is Over... you all choosed the hard way..  :D  now it's time to everybody Quest!! Search around MD for clickies and use the words: LightTheCandles! Scoring: For every stage it will be given the following score:   1   point for reaching the minimum heat on One Candle.   20  points for being the player to achieve the Candles Balance!   Rewards:  1st Place  - 1 Sharpie + 1 Council Sponsored Prize !!  2nd Place - 1 Bloodpact + 1 Memory Stone  3rd Place  - 1 4Milion Heat Creature + 1 Memory Stone Have Fun!! and
  17. Hidden around MagicDuel there are 9 candles that must be lit! For that you should use your heat, simple right? :P Well there may be a tiny catch.. you see, the candles must be lit with a good amount of heat and in some sort of balanced way.. I believe you will figure it out :D This task will start Tomorrow (April 15) after 11ST and will last until Friday! Since this may become a hard task you are encouraged to play in teams with a maximum of 3 players. Tip: :ph34r:  Multi-land teams may have advantage.. Teams MUST Sign Up here until Tomorrow (April 15) 11ST. After the event st
  18. darkraptor (ID:193670; Days:1214) 11:00-18:00 ST
  19. I'm not a archivist as you all know, yet i'm active and i have what is needed to rule the archives, so This is my claim for the leadership of MagicDuel Archives. I shall be "Regent of the Archives" These are my intentions:   Work with the archivists and make all the necessary deligences to assure they have all the needed tools.   Keep good diplomatic relations with the other land's and always be available to talk with their leaders.   Defend the land and the citizens. Diplomacy will always be the first approach.   Work with citizens to have more quests and events i
  20. Trivia Results:   1. Ary Endleg scored 19 in 469 seconds 2. Asthir scored 17 in 809 seconds 3. Valoryn scored 14 in 808 seconds 4. Lania scored 10 in 465 seconds 5. Bash Chelik scored 7 in 133 seconds 6. Acrisius scored 6 in 298 seconds 7. gonzalocsdf scored 5 in 533 seconds 8. TheRichMerchant scored 4 in 612 seconds     That means.. Rewards!! :D     Ary Endleg gets 1 Soulweaver Sponsored by lashtal     Asthir gets 1 Gold Coin Sponsored by lashtal + 1 Joker (from me)     Valoryn gets 1 Gold Coin Sponsored by gonzalosdf
  21. I'm not sure how you designed the system and probably this is just utopic but.. i imagine a system where each clickie ObjectItem have:  design-time modifiable:      SCRIPTBlock       (similar to current scripts)      HTMLContentBlock  (similar to current scripts)      objectname  non-modifiable properties: (assigned at creation)     creator     questid     uniqueid  runtime-script modifiable properties: (also design-time modifiable
  22. I admit that after doing some quests one of the my current problems is where of the available clickies should i put code so that makes some sense and looks integrated. So the possibility of having quest specific clickies is just... Incredible! Some very usable "in scene"/"in inventory" items would be:     Pickable items (or quest inventory items)         could be found on scene and upon click passed into player inventory with quantity=x         could be directly passed into a player inventory by script action &#
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