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  1. Volition Experiment step 2: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14967-volition-how-much-have-you-gained/page-2#entry145951 "... Experiment step 2: First person to reach 1000 volition will get a Drach. First person to reach 500 volition will get 3 Gold. ..."   Posted 13 November 2013 - 12:04 PM by darkraptor http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/14967-volition-how-much-have-you-gained/page-2#entry146590
  2. i knew i should have cut that part out... :D but nowdays that is public so :P
  3. New magic number (1) or.. the One second i was the only player in MD :D actually being the only player in MD made me felt like some years ago in a certain event... a empty MD is not MD at all :ph34r:
  4. I keep gettting : The connection was reset   but ping to magicduel.com still works for now (dns not flushed..)
  5. HelpXmas Quest (2014Edt.) Trivia is now over and.. here are the winners: 1. Lintara scored 15 in 1223 seconds 2. Azrafar scored 13 in 1031 seconds 3. Intrigue scored 12 in 128 seconds Congratulations!! Since only 3 players have finished the quest the WP sponsored by Chewett will not be awarded. Rewards: Lintara,Azrafar and Intrigue will receive each:     1 MirrorRitual Stone     1 Locate Stone     1 Heat Stone (sponsored by Syrian)     1 Pickle (sponsored by Syrian ) Remaining Rewards Pool:     1 Gold Coin (sp
  6. Trivia Clickie is UP!   Players that have finnished stage 1 should visit the Elf's clickie once again and prepare for the Trivia! :P   Score Higher and Faster and you shall Win!   Good Luck!     ps: use the same password "HelpXmas"
  7. First i should say: 1. I'm not against depletion, i like the possibility to have it since it's a addon to the gameplay, could have ingame social implications etc. 2. I'm generaly against features removal, so i think depletion should stay and be available. Although by my own choice i don't do it. 3. I all in favor of more features so.. i'm abusing this thread to bump this old sugestion: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13758-add-damage-by-usage-to-every-tool/   See it as a addon to the game, bringing some new gameplay possibilities, new resource collection strategies, not as a
  8. Thank you all that have played phase 1 of the quest! here is the list of players that will be able to participate on phase 2: Azrafar Lintara dead06 The Adventurer Intrigue Avan     Phase 2 should start next week!
  9. My attempt... in BW: and with a bit of color added..
  10. 4 Players already finnished the quest!   1 More and stage 2 is a GO :-)   (remember no alt's... please)   Merry Xmas!
  11. 2 Players already Helped the Xmas Elfs!!   Hurry Up! Xmas is comming!! Make sure you also help them!   Have Fun!
  12. Rewards Pool Updated!   Thanks to Syrian sponsorship, 8 Pickles and 5 Heat Stones have been added to the Rewards Pool!   Thank you Syrian!
  13. Rewards Pool Updated!   Thanks to Chewett sponsorship, a WP (!) have been added to the Rewards Pool! Only Restriction (added by me..) At Least 5 Players Must Complete the Quest. Thanks to TheRichMerchant sponsorship, a Avatar (from his vault) have been added to the Rewards Pool.   Thank you Chewett and TheRichMerchant !   Everybody is welcome to participate.. even if not elegible for the prizes :P
  14. Rewards Pool Updated!   Thanks to dst sponsorship, a EarFocus Stone and a TeleportPaperCabin Stone have been added to the Rewards Pool!   Thank you dst!   Now... PLAY and grab this rewards!! :D
  15. Rewards Pool Updated!   Thanks to lashtal sponsorship, a BloopPact Archer and a Gold Coin have been added to the Rewards Pool!     Thank you lashtal!
  16. HelpXmas!!! (2014 edt.) (This quest was prepared for last years XMas and as such this quest is targeted to new players and those that did not had the chance to finnish it.) The Santa's Elf's need your help!! Go visit their shop under the rock at Gazebo of Equilibrium using the "HelpXmas" words. Be aware that this can be the beginning of an adventure! Rewards: All that sucessfully help the Elf's will win: 1 spellstone (locate,mirror or silvertongue ) from my stock (or in alternative a 4M heated creature) Winner's will choose from Reward Pool: 1 Gold Coin (sponsored by lashtal)
  17. Some time ago, by Chew's request I've passed (and tested) most, if not all, of MDScript functions to the wikia.   The goal was to normalize the documentation and as such wikia templates have been created and the information was all formated that way. Much more can be done, and i would be glad to do it.   currently on wikia: http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Category:MDScript
  18. There is a MDScript function that is very close to what you describe   http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Mds_check_group_location   To work properly you will need a list of players so.. you just have to add a registration page somewhere.
  19. Yes, still occurring. .. a fix this bug it would be very handy to me.. because i've been (ab)use it to upload images to support my quests... (to avoid using a external site and have the players be notified of cross site problems by the anti-virus)
  20. Active during week days and work hours..(yeah... shame on me.. :P )   Although, unfortunatly, not active enough to write all the stuff i should about my expectations on A25 and some other things.. BUT i will get a way to overcome that inactivity... even if i stop having my 5 hours sleep....
  21. I believe some Role Creation Assistence can only be done by you. Council can help in some cases but due to the nature of certain roles a God like decision is needed at some point. Ofc there will always be community conflits/complaints about it.. especially when roles or tools are overpowered or unbalanced. Community will discuss, complain, accept or not.. All this, within boundaries, is a good thing for MagicDuel. So.. Active God and Active Coder... Please.  
  22. Ary Endleg is correct on the formula for score calculation and also the point that the scores ONLY Take in account the time for solving the puzzle. Starting from the first time puzzle is displayed until is solved. Currently the records show: *Syrian* started on 2014-09-22 14:09:56 finished on 2014-10-01 02:10:27 with 661507 seconds Ary Endleg started on 2014-09-30 05:09:29 finished on 2014-10-01 03:10:00 with 1865 seconds MRAlyon started on 2014-09-30 14:09:11 finished on 2014-10-01 10:10:21 with 8707 seconds In Syrian's case the detailed time taken is : puzzle#1 658848 seconds puzzle
  23. Skills: some php/html coding Interests in MD: Play it! Have fun and help out other quest makers. What you would like to work on now: features that would allow more players to stay in MD.  
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