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  1. Thank you , i would like to choose the WP please. and.. dst you would have beaten me for sure! Just by reading your incomplete draft, i must say that i love that level of detail that you always add.. is just incredible!! Makes me laugh just to imagine your witches
  2. Because i think it would be the expected behaviour: the interface have the ability to update without the extensive use of the refresh btn. Ofc i'm not sugesting a pooling method but instead a simple timer with the correct seconds to min cooldown expiration that (eventually) would almost eliminate the need of the refresh button usage.
  3. the new "favourite" option is great! Thank you. Not wanting to ask too much.. i would still like the possibility of hide all those item images ( non-favourites and non-usable) that float above the inventory. If you happen to have a bit of spare time and patience to work on these details... i would suggest: 1. The inventory auto reload based on tool cooldown expiration (something like a min() of the cooldown for all itens) 2. The inventory on reload retain the current selected item type. Currently at every refresh we are sent back to the "all" tab.. I'm using a o
  4. I think displaying all images as now is done is quite bad. One cool possibility would be to reuse the interface space to have (user defined? :-P ) fixed set of tools (using images) that would act as quick access items... imagine these itens as not being stored in your backpack but in your belt..
  5. just passed you one, as requested by lashtal
  6. I would like to sign up for next week. name : darkraptor method: heat donation Thank you
  7. Ohhh look.. nad depleting MB! Yes i have loads of screenshots and logs where you assist others to hoard MB itens. Your lack of consistency and duality makes me think you are clearly not up to the role. enjoy your abuse! :-)
  8. Just go grab-ban again... by the same player i guess.. now i wonder under what reason?? JUST LOVE THIS ABUSE!!!
  9. yes, and i'm still against depletion. As many know i've presented many ideias ( tool degradation etc..) that would "limit" the current ease of depletion. As everyone know for the last 2 years or so if anyone was interested in collecting water it have to deplete it. Since Nad also have became a very active depleter. Still, i Can't Understand why should a Tool Legislator grab-ban me for having ONE Bucket in my inventory.
  10. There is one more thing that i fail to understand when i look at the logs... Is it OK to a Guardian of Tools to assist a fellow citizen to hold 3 water buckets? While at the same time he grab-bans other players? Note: I Personaly does not consider Hoarding the fact that Ungod to have multiple buckets BECAUSE there is plenty available at MB for the grab.
  11. I guess this confirms what Miq says.. Depletion seens not to be a abuse ... or is it under certain conditions?
  12. The bucket i grabbed in MB capitol is available to all with gardenning values above 8. I was able to use the bucket without any restriction.
  13. Can someone please point me where should i find all the restrictions on the shared tools so i stop being grab banned? I've looked at Ann. 4059, Ann. 3966, Ann. 3964 and forum topic http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/17290-guardian-of-tools/ And i can't seem to understand why should a Guardian of Tools ban me based on "for depleting water inside Marind Bell" Can anybody help me? Please? Thank you, darkraptor
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