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  1. I'm sorry, but why would you make a topic to say hello, again?
  2. I did not mean that he should pretend he IS the Mad Hatter from Alice. But become the persona of the Hatter. It would be interesting to have a conversation with such a fellow.
  3. Creating a persona for your character is easy, following through with it on a day to day basis is difficult. I would like to suggest that you read up on your name sake. The Mad Hatter is a character in the book titled Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Charles Dodgson. Available online on many sites, just Google it and you shall find it with no difficulty. Watch how he speaks, learn how to speak that way, and thusly, you have a character. As for your purpose in MD, that is simple. You are here to entertain yourself first and foremost. How you do that, is completely and 98% up to you. Whether it is by making others laugh, by finding secret meanings to seemingly meaningless phrases, or if it is by learning how to destroy rituals. It is up to you. As for the Land Choice, that is always difficult. Especially for GG and Necrovions since they can't grant access to their citizens like Loreroot, or Marind Bell can. Learn to deal with it, and allow yourself to become part of Necrovion, or another land if you would like. I hope this helps.
  4. No, because that does not solve problems that people like you present. Move up to MP5 already, Feb. You have no need to stay in MP3.
  5. Curiose, I would like to suggest checking that your power supply are firmly connected to your motherboard. I had a similar issue where my computer's power supply was slightly loose, and it would shut off at the slightest touch. If your computer is currently a laptop, it probably isn't the power supply, since the battery is connected separately. Good luck.
  6. As simpli once said," The shades are not here in Necrovion, but out there in Marind Bell." [Paraphrasing.]
  7. I would like to point out that you can always fresh a page to get a different Captcha if you are having problems viewing the current one. I have found several I had to zoom in to see clearer but none that I have mistaken. Just throwing that out there, you know, just in case.
  8. I do not think Curiouse is suggesting that their actual names be changed to Mr and Mrs MagicDuel, but instead as a way to signify they have won the contest. For instance, the Miss Universe competition does not entitle that they are the most beautiful woman in the Universe, but merely of those competing. It does not imply a official title, or any significant meaning. Just that they won a beauty pageant.
  9. [quote name='baiano' date='14 August 2010 - 07:23 PM' timestamp='1281813818' post='66156'] -1 gold +3 silvers + -1 imperial aramor + -1knator war master 743 age tokned with [blackdiamonds],[stardust] ,[claw1] ,[claw2] + -pimped grasan age435 tokened with [blooddrop1,[kellethafire],[emeraldglare],[claw2],[claw1] FOr the rusty [/quote] Don't you realize that no one wants your Knator? You keep offering it for everything. Sacrifice it for it's stats. That is basically all it is useful for at this point.
  10. Fyrd, I suggest you look at the description when you purchase an Imperial Aramor. The boost only effects a certain level of creature. [ I hope this is not considered a spoiler. ]
  11. Fatal error: Call to undefined method combat::ability_randomdamage() in /home/magicdue/public_html/core/class.combat.php on line 509 j Received while trying to use Randomdamage in a ritual. All other attacks work fine. Edit: It seems Energy Burn and Aimed Hit is causing failure as well.
  12. How can you say what is true and isn't true about a fictional being that was not created by a single person? Look at the recent renditions of vampires, and werewolves in the Twilight Saga.
  13. 25 silver for the 2 bps. So, 25 silver total.
  14. What about the Master Archivist? Wouldn't that position suit what you are suggesting, Mya?
  15. Seigheart

    Cats In Md

    http://verydemotivational.com/2010/06/09/demotivational-posters-riding-a-horse I could not stop laughing when I saw this.
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  17. I know you may have a lot of people asking things such as this, but I have a final question to ask of you.

    Your avatar is one I have desired since I decided upon my role in this realm. And I believe that my role would be very suiting to your avatar. If you could do me a final favour, I would like to use your avatar, and carry on its legacy through my actions.

    If you do no...

  18. With the help of Ravenstrider, Windy, and Sorain, we created this masterpiece while under the influence of alcohol! Earlier today, at a cafe, I met a pony, named tony. He was sitting down on a chair that was brown, drinking a bottle of beer with his good buddy, Queer. Tony looks at the ground, then turning around, And spots a frog riding a dog, he scratched his head and turned all red. Queer turns to Tony, and asks the Pony, "My dear Queer, What's the frog doing on that dog?!" The frog looks at tony, and suddenly jumps on the pony Tony jumps into the air with quite some funny flair and the frog lands back onto the dog. The frog then turns to Tony," You silly pony! Your hiny is all slimy!" Tony replies, still waving off flies: " It is not my hiney, that is all slimy" "But if it is not you or me, who could it be?" "It was the dog," replied the frog, "And his tube of experimental lube" Queer then said with a leer, "That was really quite dear" The dog look's at the Pony with disdain, " Why must it be your hiney, and not your mane?" "Because the frog, you dreadful dog, landed on my hiney, and not my mane" said the pony, sounding insane.
  19. I would remain at my current speed and hope I don't forget the lines
  20. Seigheart


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