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  1. There will never be two of the same Days of Fear. All the mistakes I made during this event, will not happen in the second event. The waiting... I can't help but allow some downtime. I can't be on 24/h a day. Its impossible. Sorry. I can't entertain you like Mur can. I can only help you entertain yourselves. I will not be waiting 2 days in between stages again. And some other things will definitely be different.
  2. A few things; 1. Nimrodel was an HONOURABLE mention. She was mentioned because of her Stage 2 submission which pointed out something no one else did. She didn't get a higher score because her lack of involvement for the other parts. 2. The participants were graded based on the performance, attendance, and ability to actually understand what was going on. 3. Fire Starter. You were nothing but a troll from the beginning. You joined purely to cause problems. Immediately, from the get go, you purposely ignored instructions. You left the GoC. Did not help with ANY of the tasks. There is NO fear in an online text based game. If you actually get scared, you should probably see a psychiatrist. This quest was designed to have more than 10 active participants. Of the 33 that signed up, I only saw a small handful actually try to work things out, discuss things, and ask questions. I admit the waiting game is not fun. Period. The next day of fear will be a faster paced event. The waiting was to ensure there wasnt any complaining about not having time to catch up. Sorry for thinking of those of you not in my time zone. Submissions will be posted when I have a chance.
  3. Should be happening now, but I need someone to teleport me to GoE
  4. The Blood Bath will be held at 14:00 Server Time of this day. I apologize for the short notice, but my scheduling was thrown off due to the extension of the contest.
  5. I didnt go inactive one bit! Just because you're afk most the time, does not mean I am. Perhaps you should interact with people
  6. Heat spell requires heat to use... Apparently this doesnt make sense, and it should be posted as a bug. Chewett will get to it also in 3 months.
  7. I did this once for a month last year. I now rarely post. I used to post on every thread, and CONSTANTLY looked at the forums. Now I check them once a day, and skip many threads. Bold threads in the Newest list no longer have a power over me.
  8. All participants have until the end of the day (March 13th server time) to make their way to the Gazebo of Chaos.
  9. Sign ups are closed. You will receive further instructions in a few moments time. I want all registrants to make their way to the Gazebo of Chaos.
  10. The sign up will be closed in 24 hours. After the sign up is closed, please pay attention to this thread for updates on where to go, and what to do.
  11. Not very much. Equal to Hedge's bid. Which is still too low.
  12. My contest does last for a week. And will not require 100% of the time during the week. So it is completely possible for someone to participate in both, however, it is unwise due to the nature of the BHC, and the fact that you WILL loose something if you sign up for the Day of Fear, and fail. Good day.
  13. Chewett, you would be wrong. I did, indeed, propose to the Council. But was shot down. Like usual. Thanks for trying.
  14. Blocked by chewett, professional.

  15. I know its on the sixth, like I said I wont be available to say it on the sixth.
  16. Dont PM me, please use this topic here.
  17. Happy Birthday Mur! I know it's a day early, but I won't be around for the next 48 hours, so I started this thread. So, happy Cake Day, and I hope you enjoy all the ostrich eggs and wine bottles life has to offer you! Seigheart
  18. I currently have two Gold Avatar Tokens to use. I am selling the use of one of them to the highest bidder. Offer anything from coins/creatures/etc. I am looking to start fighting again, so I would be looking for decent creatures more than coins as of right now. I reserve the right to not sell if the bid does not meet my satisfaction.
  19. Well, that sucks cuz I sent him a pm saying happy birthday last night. O.o
  20. He hasnt logged onto the forum since Dec 31st. He's long gone now.
  21. Good turn out thus far. Azull, we shall see. Updated first post for a bit more information.
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