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  1. Who knew that all these MD players had MC servers... lol
  2. I don't deserve to be on the list. Thanks though Chewett.
  3. I thought this said MD, not MB.... Crisis averted.
  4. Did you add the mods Chew? I can't seem to connect...
  5. Chew, can you add me to the whitelisted server list?
  6. Bukkit Server! :P I'd play for sure. :)
  7. Lack of follow through, keeping up with schedules, and your madness. LOL
  8. Minecraft World of Warcraft Starcraft etc
  9. Yep, that was sent AFTER you made that comment about being "rude". Saying that I "refuse" to check my Pms is another lie. Lets post the original statement to what you said to ANOTHER pm, harassing me about some stupid warning. A warning I don't actually care about. "Sent Yesterday, 07:53 AM In case you refuse to read your warning post, i shall send another. I need the list of to clean up your quest, until you provide it everyone will not be able to use their rewards. This is a shambles." So, he felt the need to spam my inbox about some stupid warning calling dst a different name. She can get away with calling me "fenrir" but I can't call her "std"? Chewett can get away with PURPOSELY misspelling my name when ever he can get a chance. It's a sign of disrespect. Simple. Either call my by my IG name, properly, or don't talk to me period. So, I shall continue referring to the clown by a jumbled up version of her name, because its SO hard to remember what it actually is.
  10. Another lie from chewitt. Not once was I rude. Nor did I say I didn't want to talk about the rewards being bugged. Something he claims is my fault. Not quite sure how he came to the conclusion, but it is something out of my control. Chewitt, if he really wanted to, could have gone through the logs and found the winners while I was without a means to do it, but instead has chosen to take the simple way out and attack me. Yay for the seigheart hate bandwagon. Everyone get on, its time for its final departure! [spoiler] Chewett: Sent 14 May 2013 - 10:47 PM You have been told multiple times that calling dst that name will mean you will get in trouble, You have 4 warning points and doing something similar will get you post moderation or banned for a month at least. Also please remove the event from the calendar if you arent doing it, I use it to plan maintenance and other things. ALSO i still haven't got the email to clear up your mess. Seigheart: Sent Today, 01:04 PM Then tell her to stop calling me "fenrir". Simple. Why aren't you warning her for that? I find it just as offensive. My HD was replaced, so I have to recompile the stuff. It will take some time. And the mess is Mur's mess. It was his decision to do it, not mine. Chewett: Sent Today, 01:05 PM As you wish, you can go talk to Mur about the mess he created if you want. Seigheart: Sent Today, 01:06 PM What did I wish? I don't have any desire to talk to anyone about any "mess." Chewett: Sent Today, 01:07 PM Fine then, i wont poke my nose into your business and try and help people. You can not deal with it Seigheart: Sent Today, 01:10 PM What are you talking about? You are literally saying things in response to things that have not been said. You will get the list of the winners, when I have time to recompile everything. Just relax. [/spoiler]
  11. Yes, my laptops HD was wiped in the process of the repair. And I do work, so the time to recompile all the entries is a bit time consuming. Something I do not have a lot of. It will be done.
  12. It is kind of hard to do that since I am currently without a laptop. I'm accessing MD/forums from my phone.
  13. Nimrod, how about you check out the other thread that pertains to your post, instead of spamming this with your useless drivel.
  14. Chewett, the list was sent to you already, please fix their rewards. Mine as well. I don't need to explain why there are more winners than originally announced. Take that up with Mur if you so wish, he knows why. As far as the results, my laptop is currently under repair, and willl be posted as soon as I get it back.
  15. The thing is, no one knew they were getting a leash from the previous auction. They weren't buying leashes. They were donating gold for just the hell of "owning" a slave. If you remember, the leashes were given out by mur as an after thought to my auction. Not by original design. Now, the people who join the future auctions, they will be joining knowing full well they will get an opportunity to buy their own leash. I'd say leave the original leashes alone, and just change the future ones, because this leash actually means something to me. Like, How often does mur just randomly do something like that to a non sponsored event? Like I said, leave the original leashes alone, and change the future ones. The people who have these leashes have the right to use them.
  16. Anyone else think it's slightly unfair for the people who got a leash as a gift for participating in the first Slave Auction, are now having them taken away? Yes, you can get another in the new auction, but I paid a handsome sum for my leash from my "Master" not knowing that Council would just take it away like this. Anyone else frustrated with this?
  17. Uhh, no, I never said for you to not interfere. I was told Mur would do it. So Mur did it. It has NOTHING to do with being "too proud" as your IG PM states. If you were to do it, Mur would have told you to do it.
  18. She's SO against slavery, but murder, torture, forcing animals to fight each other, etc etc etc, none of that bothers you? Ridiculous.
  19. Does dst have any proof that she was indeed idle?
  20. You failed her riddle? Face the consequences.
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