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  1. Necrovion is going to take over MB. Dream analysis complete.
  2. It's not a direct copy. It's done in the artist's own rendition. You wouldnt even know it was MD related.
  3. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/4236-a-box-that-hides-secrets/ I think this thread had the image I was looking for, but they no longer exist...
  4. Well, maybe some good Samaritan has it saved in their hoards of information and will share it with me :D And that good Samaritan was Lania! http://magicduel.com/img/banners/300x250.jpg It's this image, but I'm looking for the original! :)
  5. Perhaps Mur will see this and help me find it! :D
  6. So, I'm not sure if I have told anyone in MD as of yet, but I have recently gotten an MD related tattoo. I am looking to get my second, but far more detailed one. I have been looking around MD for some of the artwork that has been done, and I want some suggestions. The one I am leaning towards is the angien opening the cube. But I can't find the picture. Any help?
  7. Happy Birthday Fang! PS: I meant to upvote you, not downvote you. >.> :P
  8. I'm just playing devil's advocate.
  9. I'm just saying that censoring a game like MD, where it is geared towards adults, is a bit over zealous. Like we condone cybering, swearing, killing, drug use, gambling etc.
  10. Not to push the topic too much, but what 8 year old do you know that doesn't watch South Park etc.
  11. I actually have a lot of input for this, and will be inputting it later today/tomorrow when I have time. Excited this is getting done.
  12. Nudity is not permitted what so ever? O.o But what ever. Can I be refunded the credit I spent on my Mood Panel? -_-
  13. I didnt receive a warning. And since when have MD's standards been so strict? I mean, if it's okay for Imgur(where all the cat ladies live), it should be good enough for MD, no? And no where in the link was there any remark about rape. -_-
  14. And what inappropriate content did I post?
  15. Apparently I have to pay for my mood panel access again? No idea why... but I've had it for like 3 years now...
  16. For the record, I didn't take Fang's side? I told her to do exactly what Chewett did. Stuff like this shouldn't be on the forum.
  17. So... take it directly to the council and get something done about it, or not, if that's what they decide to do. No one here on the forum has any power. All you are doing is promoting ill feelings towards people by these silly witch hunts. Report it to the Council. That is all you need to do dst. "Letting people know" and "Wanting to get something done about it" are not valid reasons to ostracize someone in the forum. Witch Hunts/Upheavals are not to be done for every little thing someone does. It's like have a revolution because your mayor smokes crack. Yes, its not right, but it's not like he's off on a killing spree either.
  18. Look, another witch hunt. Take it to the council dst.
  19. Can you just white list the players that havent caused problems? -_- I liked playing with MDers
  20. What about those who didn't do anything? O.o
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