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  1. Didn't realize you were Mur, Chewett.
  2. How long will it take for you to return, Mur? It's been like two years now...
  3. I post every once in awhile.
  4. If I was suggested dst, then simply can be too.
  5. I still have access since I am the one that started it. If I am given a clear directive, Id be happy to continue on the work. I just stopped since BFH basically took control lol
  6. Innocence does not have a forum account(because she is an alt of someone who does I believe) so she wont apply.
  7. I will buy the GG Wizard avy for a gold.
  8. I would like to give my support to Chewett, but I will not. Chew, do you really think you have the time to operate this land on top of everything else you do? I don't think so. A title is good and all, but you're the Code Guardian, for ever and always. That and you're heavily involved(or were, politics sheesh, can never keep tabs) with MB.
  9. Seigheart


    Author is dst? Meaning you drew those? O.o
  10. Why not encourage the Kings to do this themselves, if they so desire? If I had continued my role as TK Leader, I would have totally made myself a treasure chest and carved some symbols into it. Perhaps whoever is the current leader could do that... Wait, is the TK still even a thing?
  11. I'd help support this for sure. Pip for King of the East!
  12. Weird. I thought I was going to help in the take over attempt! :'(
  13. Ahh, I thought that was AFTER we got our names... O.o Someone missed out on a year old drachorn. :D
  14. When will the draw take place?
  15. Not a single person knows of an online company that would do something like this?
  16. So, I don't know how many of you know it, but while I'm in school I've been working as Bar Security for GTA's largest Bars. And one of the bars isnt doing so well financially. I've been given control of their FB page, due to prior experience, and a marketing budget. One of the things I would like to do is create a souveneir shop of sorts. I'm looking for a website that I can purchase high quality (reasonably priced) clothing for men and women. The women's clothing will have to be... a bit promiscuous. It's a bar after all. Sorry. Has anyone ever dealt with a company that could provide the services that I am looking for? Remember, I don't want a plain white t shirt with a logo on it. I want something worth paying for. Seigheart
  17. Why wasn't I included in the list? I signed up did I not?
  18. The future affects the present due to our ability to foresee future events, now, through past experiences.
  19. I still havent seen you online IG.... And I only have silver...
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