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  1. We had a reviewer here once, it didn't turn out so well. http://massively.joystiq.com/2011/10/23/rise-and-shiny-recap-magicduel/
  2. You said you wouldn't punish those who posted. Not only would this decision of yours be a huge punishment, but it'd be a punishment on the entire community.
  3. Eon ID:67640 AD: 978
  4. People get faced with opposition when they expect things to just be handed to them. If I remember correctly in your case, you decided you wanted to become "Death" and thought the council would grant you a name change just because you asked for it, or considered asking for it. You should try to study those who have roles and find out how they got them. Firestarter (I think it was him) roleplayed about his cloud for the longest time before eventually getting a cloud (and possibly a tag and description). Put in the work, be realistic, be active and it'll most likely come.
  5. Zentao When she contacted me in the past over rewards I never had anything to complain about. She delivered things fast and seemed happy to do her job as a TK member. I think she can handle it
  6. "I need to stand in a VERY specific space to be ported to the Treasury. And seeing as Ledah has my Leash, i cant do much." You're only limited by your lack of knowledge. You have an alliance, use it.
  7. That's incredibly unrealistic. I take the last herb so I somehow magically lose 20+ herbs because of it... come on. It still wouldn't stop the depleting, since I I'd still be doing it no matter what the negative effect is (yes, even if I lost a percentage of my overall stats, which wouldn't make any sense, but I'm sure someone will eventually end up suggesting). Losing stats doesn't make any sense either. I don't see how picking the last x from a spot makes you less skilled at gathering it. There is currently already a negative in place as well, and that's the fact that we have to wait lon
  8. If we're going to throw a resistance factor in there, would I be invincible considering 99 percent of MD couldn't put up much resistance at all against my character? Would I kill 100 percent of the time?
  9. Not a bug, I've already brought it up to Bugs@MD. I think it has to do with my herbalism stat, since I noticed double gathering after I hit a certain amount
  10. None of the gold or silver goes to the winner as far as I'm aware. If I remember correctly some things went to the postman, but i'm not sure about it all. Some silver supposedly goes into the winners land treasury. I charged 1 gold coin or 15 silver coins during the BHC so only those serious to compete would join. If i set it it too low then people would get a bunch of others to sign up and just hide in some far off spot and roleplay all their heads to the single person. How do I know I that would happen? Common sense and I've had others tell me they wanted to do that. If someone wanted
  11. It doesn't matter how creative you are, at the end of the day the BHC essentially uses the same system as the HC. Your goal: Attack people for their heads and then run away. 1. We have a very small active community, at least to me and everyone else I speak to through the forum and yim, along with what I witness others say in chat. 2. Not many members of the MD community are super active fighters. Yes, you have the small group of people who actively train all the time, but it's really not all that much. A lot of members seem to be mostly into roleplay and questing when one they like comes u
  12. I'm resiging from my BHC position. I decided to post why, and show how the council and I don't see eye to eye when it comes to my position. This is an email from them and my response to them. If you feel like reading it, first read the council's email at the bottom. My responses are at the top. Feel free not to post, what you have to say really means very little to me. "> We didn't reply previously as you deemed to start the contest without > hearing back from us." Which according to the creator of MagicDuel, Mur, I had every right to. We've spoken about my BHC role many tim
  13. http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11378-seal-of-six-reguarding-lack-of-members/ Mur did warn about having less than three members
  14. The BHC is over First Place: Eon Second Place: *Lightsage* Third Place: Lone Wolf I don't have any CTC's or the gold, so I recommend you email the council.
  15. Seigheart has used his cloak on Lightsage. I will be allowing him to stay in this competition. According to Lightsage he was unvoluntarily cloaked, and I believe it to be true. I'd hate to have to kick him out because Seig want's to mess around with the BHC. In my mind, it'd be like kicking someone out for being teleported into a restricted location, although they didn't want to be. A big difference between those two situations is that I can use my legislator to fix that problem, while there isn't much I can currently do with this situation. I will let it slide for now, but I'm hoping I can
  16. How would someone be summoned to a restricted location? I only see Mur summoning someone into a restricted location, which I guess I'd have to allow for a little while. Mur's definitely above my head. If you mean someone teleports someone else into say GG while it restricted, I'd be able to find out who did the teleporting with help from someone. I'd ask the person to leave immediately, and if they appeared to be idle I'd have to summon and scatter. If someone told me they kep't getting to a certain restricted location because of a leash than I guess I'd have to keep pulling them out with
  17. It doesn't matter if he didn't plan on staying there, he was still in a location that was excluded from the contest. What happened when Phantasm went into the TB when I said it wasn't allowed? He was removed from the competition without warning. What happened when Nadrolski, which is someone I don't have a good relationship with, decided to go into certain locations I considered restricted but I didn't specifically put them on the thread at the time? I gave him a warning to leave those locations. When Shadow was hiding at the Fields of Fear in the BHC he won, i made sure to get confirm
  18. Excluded means you can't go there. If you jump there your still there. Simple enough to understand. Hopefully now you realize there are consequences to breaking rules.
  19. It is very simple actually. You have to be attackable, you can't attack people by using no creatures, and restricted access locations are excluded from the competition, which I specifically mentioned the Fields of Fear being. You had freedom to do basically anything else, and yet you chose to repeatedly break the same rule. Manda, I didn't specifically write on the thread that Angiens Shrine was excluded. You apparently still have full access to it, so I figured you weren't aware that it was considered a restricted location. Had Ignnus gone to that location I would have given him a warning
  20. Excluded mean's you aren't allowed to go there. It's very simple. You repeatedly risked breaking a very obvious rule, and eventually you got caught. Had you not gone to the Fields of Fear you wouldn't be in this situation right now. There's always next time.
  21. Had I not specifically written Fields of Fear was an excluded location I would have given you a warning. The thing is, I did write Fields of Fear specifically in my very first post, and you chose to ignore that and jump to the location repeatedly. If your going to repeatedly risk breaking rules, expect to one day be caught.
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