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  1. 18 gold. Are people required to have the amount they're bidding in their inventory at the time they make the bid?
  2. I haven't bought credits in a long time, probably around 3-4 tickets right now. I also used a ticket in the last spent credit shop email thing.
  3. Eon

    WTS Morph

    No idea what the market is like these days, so 13 gold.
  4. Eon AD; 1068 Volition: 121 Grinding: Yes, I grinded for a few days and stopped completely. I didn't devote too much time to the grinding of it, and I stopped because there was no challenge to it at all.
  5. Good point, and 90+ percent of the time I won't kill for cheap. It took Maebius 20 gold and a morph to get me to go after all the TW's. When I got my contract I decided I'd charge around 4-5 gold per kill (I'll also accept creatures or something else I value around that amount), since it wasn't too much for people to get their hands on, but it also wasn't too cheap where I'd be getting contracts all the time. From PO being killed to the TW's being killed, how much time was between those two contracts? Probably well over a month. Unless gold starts raining down from the sky I don't see much
  6. Eon

    WTS Morph

    The price is 15 gold. Message me in game or on the forum if you're interested.
  7. Popups work fine for me. The only problem I had at all was the writing above the mood panel and trigger box, which is now gone.
  8. Eon ID: 67640 AD: 1001 I feel I would do a far better job than most.
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