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    Demands of a Slave

    Careful, comments like that just might bring me back.
  2. Helper of the Year - Syrian Most Addicted - Ary Endleg Most Popular - Syrian
  3. Knator War Master (5sc CM) ID: 468510 Age: 2048 Heat: 7,185,946 Tokens: Onyx Fang, Dark Sky, Gold Belt, Sunshine, Stardust, Emeral Glare, Blood Drop 1&2, Black Tear 1 gold 5 silver
  4. Activity: I get on every hour or so to see if anything worth my time is going, then idle again. Role: Contract Killer and nearly official Ruler of the East
  5. I don't want people thinking I charge this price. I charge around 4 gold, since I feel that amount isn't too hard to make if you really want a person dead, and it isn't so cheap people are getting killed left and right just for the hell of it. I get contacted at least once a month for my contract and probably use it twice a year.
  6. It takes two to use the contract. I do the fighting, the buyer holds the contract and activates it when it's ready. There is no hiding who the buyer of the contract is.
  7. It would make contract killing a useless role, the unequivocal proof is right in the trade logs.
  8. John the Second Unholy Priest ID: 470918 Age: 1820 Heat: 1114776 Tokens: Black Diamond, Gold Tear, Sunshine, Gold Belt, Emeral Glare, Onyx Fang, Black Tear, Bloop Drop 1, 2 5 sc St. Peter Agien ID:506965 Age: 1890 Heat: 7,442,715 Tokens: Antifreeze, Enlightening, Onyx Fangs, ClawIII, Stardust, Kelletha Fire, Emeral Glare, Dark Sky, Gold Belt, Blood Drop 1,2,3 6 sc
  9. Al Capone, (1 gold Neno) Vampire *edit, Colored Soul Weaver* ID: 606747 Age: 1728 Heat: 4858219 Tokens: Emeral Glare, Kelletha Fire, Bloop Drop 1 and 2, Black Tear, Claw III, Onyx, Dark Shield 2 gold
  10. Neg repped you on accident. Wasn't going to do any repping at all, but I spaced out and just ended up doing it.
  11. Take a good look at the many links I have on the bottom of this page: http://magicduel.com/players/Eon I mess with pretty much anyone and everyone, period. Don't try to make it out like I screwed with this quest because DD made it, the countless complaints against me from the past show otherwise. Recently I saw Lashtal having a lecture at the Howling gates, I silvertounged people. When people meet, I will be there. The only time I don't screw with something is when I'm actually interested in competing in it, or someone I respect (not many of those) asks me not to mess with the thing.
  12. The only thing I remember getting from tokens during the side event was the extra max health for my creatures. For example, my drachs could have 10kish or so ve thanks to my tokens.
  13. Just going to comment on neg VP: I see no reason for an Mp5 to complain about Neg VP. I've put people at -20m VP and I always see people offering to help and getting them back to positive range in no time at all. If someones balance is so bad they are having trouble getting back to normal, that's their fault. UP's give complete weaklings/fools a way to get wins, and tree's/weak rituals are always easy to get losses. Only the completely lazy have it bad, as they should, in my opinion.
  14. I would implement an item that turned a dead character into a ghost, giving them some limited abilities in game. Walk around, maybe haunt (movelock/curse/whatever temporarily) someone, and let out a ghostly wail when he/she tries to chat.
  15. I see the future of our land being far more prosperous than others, and I actively attempt to do that with the small amount of power I have now. A long time ago I made it my mission to deplete all the herbs around the game, up to the first set of steps in the East, that way only those with east land loyalty could easily harvest herbs. While the vast majority of players complained about the lack of being able to gather herbs, my fellow citizens didn't have to worry, because I made sure there was an abundance left over for them, and only them. many thought I was just trying to hurt the game or
  16. Unlike you, I can't just sit back and continue to let my people suffer without a ruler.
  17. It's been practically a year and the people of the east have no ruler. Daily, the people beg for me to become their queen/king. "Eon, you are a beacon of hope for us in the East," they say. "Eon, our lives in game and RL would be so much better if you became our official ruler," they say. Don't do this for me, do this for them. Future ruler of the East, Eon
  18. Eon

    WTB Aramors

    I'm looking to buy aramors I don't have. Aramors i have: Normal Imps Blue Black Aramors I'm missing: Green Message me in game, i have something like 5 pages of ignored users on the forum. Edit: I could use one more blue aramor
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