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  1. I got the first point towards the crown, two in fact. Those points mean nothing to me though, even Shadowseeker managed to get two.
  2. That was posted while I was away from the game. I think it's pretty clear they just made a tremendous error and forgot about me (which I'll let slide this time but don't make a habit out of it). Once they update the kings/queens list again I'm sure you'll be on it.
  3. Jester you toothless bum, where are you?

  4. After three or so wonderful years as Ruler of the East I am stepping down effective immediately. Sunfire will be taking my place, and I expect everyone to give him the respect that you had given me during these years. I will still be aligned with the East. Now I know you're a loyal bunch, and I can't stop you from calling me your Empress, but please don't do that in front of Sunfire. It would be very disrespectful. Your former ruler, Eon.
  5. Hello citizens, I ask that all those from the East become adepts of Nimrodel, another Eastern citizen, so that we may have the sole protector in the realm. Your light in this dark realm, Eon
  6. Eon

    Must see movies!

    a walk to remember
  7. When one door closes another one opens. Necrovians, swear your fealty to me and I'll forgive you for your past sins and consider granting you citizenship to the East one day.
  8. Once again you are mistaken. For at least a month TTL and I were planning on taking it over. TTL thought you were a complete joke of a leader and wanted to run things himself. A week before we were going to follow through on our plan he decided to stop logging on, so a week later I went through with the plan myself by getting Leixer to invite me. I left TTL in because I figured he'd come back soon and I did give him my word I'd leave him in. He was into Peace and planned on visiting her soon, so to make her happy when she contacted him about it he gave it back. He hasn't played much since afte
  9. No, only once was it taken back by illusions. The very first time it was taken TTL ended up giving it back. The second time Peace was about to quit the game entirely and then someone pointed out to her that she was in an illusion and could get the alliance back by leaving it, so she did that.
  10. If you have extra ones feel free to show them to me. I like Laz avy's the most
  11. You'll come to regret that, I promise.
  12. No power, resources or influence. I ignore cases like this where the other person poses absolutely no threat to me.
  13. It's my demand and it stays. I told Azull a week and 6 days ago "Until both No One and myself have access to all the Kings Council records I will be at war with the council. Supreme Ruler of the East, Eon." I killed Lintara with DST, took over Guerrilla Golemicarum and I have no plans to slow down.
  14. Fear not citizens of the East, I am still your supreme ruler as well. I now rule both lands until further notice.
  15. Possibly, try asking me in game.
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