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  1. I object, Nep used my referral link. I'd also like my Granite Wolf account back.
  2. We discussed things and given GG's current "situation" we decided it'd be best that Miq stays for the time being. Syrian, and I'm sure others, are itching to become East citizens and finally feel that warm feeling you get when you are around family, something they've sorely lacked from every other organization they've ever been apart of. It's a real shame they've had to go this long just because you guys forgot to pass that item over to Sunfire. In time I'm sure they will find it in their hearts to forgive you guys.
  3. As second in command of the East I've been actively trying to recruit people to join the land. After some discussion, Miq and Syrian have decided to leave their ill-managed lands/factions to join the East and finally bask in the rays of victory that can commonly be seen around Easterners during times of quests and events. It probably goes without saying that if I can recruit Miq and Syrian over, many more will follow. The one issue with this is that the East currently doesn't have one of those items that grants citizenship. Now after years of kindly requesting things be made more official in t
  4. I've got them, this can be closed.
  5. Will pay 4 gold (2 gc, 30 silver) for either one.
  6. I wasn't that active when this got released, I don't know what the intention was for this power/influence/skill thing. If it was to keep strong people like me from using it in their rits it did the job perfectly.
  7. Loading Eon creatures Loading Lintara creatures COMBO: Adding 439187 combo vitality bonus for this ritual Applying 100% of Eon's energetic influence Applying 100% of Lintara's energetic influence Influences for Eon ###### Madhorn (470532): antifreeze Barren Soul - 11th Anniversary Edition (851585) gets unfrozen Eon Reindrach (600286): creatureboost, tripleantifreeze, freeze, levelscare Incarnated Sarasith (852732) gets unfrozen Tamed Reindrach (602152) gets unfrozen Barren Soul - 11th Anniversary Edition (851585) gets unfrozen Madhorn (470532) gets frozen Tamed Reindr
  8. My Molimar creature worked fine until I leveled it up to an "Incarnated Sarasith" during Tranquility day. Now every time I fight with it in my rituals all of my creatures attack for 1 damage. Is this intended with this level of the creature? Edit: I just maxed my molimar and my creatures attack normally with him at max rank. Edit 2: Maybe my max molimar making my rit attack normal was a fluke, I tested it on more people and It wipes out my stats in combat. My stats are just too strong to be using a Molimar type creature it seems. I assume it's working as intended
  9. Oh no, definitely wasn't that as far as I'm aware, if you are actually talking about my skill damage stat. Basically my point is that lower MP levels shouldn't be saved from having to deal with fighting higher MP's at full power if this cross MP thing happens. It's not even like the old days when people were given phenomenal amounts of personal heat off Angien rits, pushing them above and well beyond the heat cap. Technically it'll still be easy to cap people if you have high VE and mirror rit handy, but I don't think we even have anyone in this community that would do that to low MP's. E
  10. That would absolutely defeat the purpose of skilldamage in the first place. It was put in to slow the growth of monsters like me, this was Mur's specific reason for it which he told me multiple times. It did slow the growth tremendously, but whats it matter when I already had such high stats to begin with anyways. The numbers were already broken. Temporary skilldamage would be worse than no skilldamage at all, since temporary skilldamage would just be a pathetic illusion.
  11. How so? By getting capped too quickly? I see no problem with that, there are plenty of MP5's with garbage stats who get by just fine. They still manage to train alright. If you are referring to their VP numbers getting screwed up, then that should be looked into specifically. How is that any different from now? New Mp5's/MP5's not in an alliance are majority of the time worth negative honor for most of us MP5's. They actually get decent honor gains for attacking us who are stuck at balance, right?
  12. I don't like the idea of these having to be "fair" fights. I get the desire to want to be able to have more people to train on/train with, but it makes no sense to handicap strong players so you and your buddies get to train without any downside. If you are bothered by higher MP's attacking, form a group and go somewhere. Try to get something created that makes it difficult for people like me to beat on your training groups. "Fair" fights for cross MP training look like a lazy and unimaginative way to deal with a possible "issue" in game. My opinion on what should happen: Remove sk
  13. Bored and curious. The first person that spoke to and offered me advice was some person named Yoshi back in 2008. I was around 15 or 16, first online game and had no clue what I was doing. I was looking at the Berserker Way puzzle and he told me to go to the PC. I don't think I was ever contacted by an LHO on my main account back then, only on alts years later when I returned. LHO's are probably a given so LHO and the first normal person would be interesting to know.
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