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  1. I will stay on realm as a wandering ghost of Sparta...thanks to all that care about me!

    1. Magistra


      I thought you were revived.

    2. BFH


      Sign up for MD Summer FEST! :D You will wander more :D

  2. Nice crash on MD site

  3. [quote name='Dragual' timestamp='1335300636' post='109625'] Possibly the first 5 get a good reward, next five get a decent reward and everyone else gets... A single cup of tea. [/quote] like it up! Also save this kind of quest to major events dates.
  4. to solve the time zone trouble with the challengers, I think is easy, just select 2 in diferent time zone =D edit, I was happy to be a semi-finalist at Brulant riddles, never goes so far in any quest.
  5. hi there! how are you doing?

  6. ah! lol, tnx Chewett...I think he just work a little on it so :)

  7. :P why I dont have permission to send you a msg?
  8. hey man I wish I can send you a forum PM :P

  9. Ahu Ahu Ahu!! (im ready to fight!)

  10. (l__/)

    ( *-*)

    ('') ('')

  11. Mip Mip. Catch me if you can. :)

  12. >.

    1. Pipstickz


      There are two "avatars", one is the profile picture, one is shown when you post (i think Dx)

    2. Espartano


      was laggin with firefox, that dont show the changed picture :)

      now I see the new one ;)

    3. Asterdai


      i changed my pic's recently, one took a while to change,but theother did straight away maybe they are vetted? im not sure..

  13. [quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1288986582' post='71540'] so my response is simply that said text should be removed as its wrong , Will that make you a little happier? [/quote] [quote name='dst' timestamp='1289062152' post='71569'] I propose that the message is changed and the bonus about the 4% removed. [/quote] well if really MP5 story mode was suposed to not give any 4% bonus based in actual stats, so the only solution is to change/remove that message...
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