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  1. it won't let me re-do the puzzle. it just says that a scream is heard from the park, and i'm past that. however i'm just wondering if i was supposed to get something... the said artefact.
  2. Yes, I did. Pressed F5 and it just refreshed and left me there (by that, I mean that no artefact was presented), then the quest went on (heard a scream from the park, and from there on i found the fancy shop and the game border).
  3. hi, when i have completed the puzzle with the device and i clicked the bright light in the middle of it, i got some sort of error message. below is a screenshot. curious what happened. [IMG]http://i25.tinypic.com/2gt6poj.png[/IMG] thanks!
  4. HI, At one point when i was supposed to select a principle, i could not for some reason. I foolishly refreshed the page and it skipped. How bad will this missed selection page influence me? Is it a big deal? Thanks!
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