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  1. Well you succeed at it ^.^

  2. :P thanks, i do try
  3. He does? Should make it a point to ask him then...

  4. No one knows....*begin X-Files theme song*

  5. Why would you keep that a secret?!?

  6. I secretly still love the old pokemon ^.^

  7. Well hello there Knox! Tada! Now you have two comments.

  8. Will do all I can do

  9. All this talk about kings and name tags is kind of childish in my eyes. I don't see why the location should be an issue. The new players either end up or start in the Park so that is the best location for it. The name seems to fit still after all this time so I don't see a reason for it to be changed either. Rhaegar has talked to me in length in game as well as on the forum about the changes in the Park. I have been waiting for this change for awhile now. Yes I know that I am still young in the game but even I can see that the "SG" needs to be revamped. There is no one to question or complain
  10. A kitten has wandered into my lap and is trying to eat my blanket!! >.

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