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About Me

my prospects have become less promising

i find it hard to believe in anything

seems I lost my world and so I lost my faith

and I can't go back to where I've been

a brand new day

it can't get worse

hear myself say

it can't get worse

I have no lies or truth in what I say

there is no meaning

the words are numb and I am so afraid

there is no meaning

this is another chance or so I'm told

by those who can push themselves at any cost

they bless me with their fingers crossed

my youth is stolen, transformed and sold


The blackness that falls is coming to stay,

Under the snow lies angels so cold,

Yet with each crystal of frost that is falling,

another story is told,

A spell was cast an the sky turned red,

The angel's heart froze to ice,

In the gloomy sky - The silence where dead angels lie.

-dissection,where dead angels lie-

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