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  1. long, long, loooooooong time since ive seen you :P

  2. Catch a fall...

    1. lepus


      falling rainbow?

  3. Hello,are you talking about Fountain of the Lost Path?i went there only thing i see when i click is 79% vital energy. You look good. You have 20851 value points,.
  4. Name:Anatoli Territory:Necrovion Md4 You gotto fight with the bests if you wanna be one of em ya know!
  5. boring boooring boooooooooooring

    1. BFH


      There are many things you can do...

  6. *gets spanked*Owwww!

  7. [quote name='Darigan' date='18 July 2010 - 05:52 PM' timestamp='1279475532' post='64131'] Anatoli you believe the various darker characters should act as such? If I'm understanding you right from what I know (though I rarely read a persons papers unless theres something I don't understand) most characters save a few animal type are some form of human ish being. We have nice tigers but I can see your point unfortunately being evil in MD is sometimes hard to pull off well, without coming off as antagonistic and childish. [/quote] I didnt mean everyone should attack eachother just because the
  8. Hello Ana! when was your byrthday?

  9. Roleplaying judges?But roleplaying ratings may change depending on the conditions and facts so its not a spesific thingie.But to prevent GOD MODE roleplayers it should be nice.Cause if everyone acts like they are in their own world and not in MD then whats the point of roleplaying in MD world right? Its like tons of freaked out characters out there,vampires,demons,angel winged weirdos,even dragons?.So how they keep it together in MBD or around without killing eachother its so annoying,this is my idea tho.Being nice to community is another thing,being nice to everyone when you have a backgrou
  10. *throws a spank bomb*

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