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  1. "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."   You do something. People react to it. You're going to have that Law as stated above every time you do something. As Granos said, as long as you are working towards making things happen... you can do no wrong. So do it.
  2. In game PMs sometimes aren't the best of communications as they can get lost when a certain threshold number is met. Usually with important stuff it's best for forum pm, or e mail communication if you have that available to you*. But in general, forum is typically best.     *Not everyone prefers this method.
  3. Actually, Dst CAN be fair. Back when I was an Ary, I was given wishpoints to give to my Story Night Crew as per instructions of Mur.   Dst called me on it, not knowing that this was the case. She had gone to Mur, the person who sanctioned this, and has not since made mention or furthered any kind of reprimand.
  4. I know Ailith and Granos. They are good people, and back when they were around full time before they had disappeared, MD was flourishing.   They did a lot of work to keep it going, with festivals, games, and general activity. I trust them. And I trust Dst, too. : p   I believe they will do good, all three of them.
  5. http://www.stoptheslowlane.com/   The FCC and Congress are attempting to remove net neutrality.   Please contact the FCC and Congress and help to stop this from happening.
  6. Granos did do something! He gave me my first Angien. <3
  7. This was fun! Sorry I couldn't hang around very long.
  8. That might be it. Since they were logs, anyone could have used the ...
  9. I ran into this also, when MOC tried to send me chat logs. I tried logging in to a different browser, but I did not get a change in visibility.   All PMs before hand have worked properly, except for when MOC sent me the logs.
  10. I shared it! I hope you meet your goal. If I have any money left over, I'll donate. You, sir, are awesome. So awesome.
  11. These are fantastic! If possible, would you folks put them on the Reddit page as well?
  12. http://storenow.net/my/?f=788b5bb0f3ccef1e0315a7af439ef7e9   I show up as my normal curiose self in the player list, but when I type, I show up as Mur. I even have Mur's avy when I click the name. Bug?
  13. Exactly. I talk to my other gaming partners (when there is time to game on other games and chat) about MD.   If a game has high retention then something should be fixed... not coddled. Should say: Does not have high retention
  14. People have previously posted about games on here. Mur commented specifically on what is and isn't allowed, but I don't remember the thread. Don't get jumping on someone's throat for putting out other gaming stuff. I am pretty sure a lot of people play other games besides MD, I do.
  15. Curi has her own internet now! yay!

  16. Personally. I enjoy chatting with folks in the chat. I enjoy conversations and getting to know people. It saddens me a bit to know that the livelyhood of it is dwindling.
  17. Okie dokie, I would also contact Chewett and let him know you are interested in working on the reddit page. For now, I am holding off on any changes until the first e mail, get together, or what not, so as to get an idea on how to proceed from there.
  18. I learned a lot about MD. I learned a lot about the people; about myself. What are some things you learned in your time in MD? What I learned, is, I need a wide berth. I'm very introverted, yet I don't play nice with my energy levels. When I don't play nice, this leads to bad things. I learned that I need balance (a concept I never considered until I found MD- and one I always ignored). Balance is excruciating... But full of reward.
  19. Curi is currently working on GED stuff and playing some catch up because I started the prep course a month into it. Sorry for neglecting you guys.

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      petty dodds

      good for you! keep pressing on - you can do it!!!

    2. Curiose
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      petty dodds

      I'm an educator and it used to be that we frowned upon students that chose this option. Now I am glad for any student that gets a high school level education. It is hard to do!

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  20. I am looking for but one person who can complete the following tasks: Be savvy enough with reddit to understand how it works, especially the moderator page. Can help put up MD Related content and discussions Is trust worthy, fair, and PC when it comes to moderating threads. I am looking for a partner, not a minion. We will work together. However, if push comes to shove, and if you cannot fulfill these tasks, you get the boot. Fair? You may contact me in a variety of places: My email, if you have it. MD game mail. Forum Mail. Forum thread. Reddit thread. Or reddi
  21. Note: Please, be honest with your answers, and don't snipe at others. Only you are liable for *your* actions. So let's keep it to that, mmkay?   When considering MD, a lot of people call it a community, to you, what is a community? (I will answer once my weekend is over.)  
  22. I will double check the settings, thank you rophs! I also haven't used the mod section of reddit before, so bear with me. If someone who uses reddit regularly, and knows how to use the mod settings, would like to help me, please Pm me.
  23. I was thinking that too, but it's an outside avenue, and I was going to use it kind of as a means to build up more content and do some advertising, or attempt to as best I can.
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