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  1. Sure, I'll join you. I'll toss you a PM and see what we can do, ja?
  2. Uhm, no.   You're misconstruing what chewett was saying and frankly, I find that stupidly rude. If Chewett or Mur or anyone of a high position of power regarding the higher workings of MD, then you need to rely on other powers that be to get your stuff done or just do it yourself. If people running things can't be competent enough to run their own events, then the onus is on them.
  3. Curiose


    Huh.  That's odd. But then again, this was years ago... Thanks for the clarification!
  4. Curiose


    @No One: I was an MP3 when I joined the Legend Speakers.  Are you speaking mechanically wise, or morally wise, when you say no MP3 can join Alliances?   edit: Granted, things may have changed, hence why I ask for clarification.
  5. @ DST When you say rebellions can't happen, are you speaking via mechanics? Or otherwise? If mechanics, did it get removed? Because we had a necrovion rebellion some years ago.
  6. I do recall. And I understand. Thank you.   Edit: I retract my offer to be the post man.  Hindsight is 20/20. Haha.
  7. I have two cats and one puppy.   I am more of a dog person myself, as I feel you can do more with them.  My puppy is a real charmer, though.  I have had some great laughs with him, and some very big furstrations.  However... wouldn't give him up for the world.   Adopted him about three months ago.  Life has been grand with him in our lives.
  8. I'M YOGURT! I can't believe how giddy that made me feel. Happy dance for the day.

  9. I would like to step up.   I feel I am suitable because of my prior experience as a secretary and my desire to get things done.   I do have a caveat that if there is no work to be done, that I go back to being dormant as real life responsibilities do hold precedent.   However, I am reliable and willing to get things done quickly and efficiently as shown in the past.
  10. Skills: Managing and organizing things to do, preparing things to be done.  A secretary.   MD interests: Secretarial things. Running "errands. "   Would like to do: Just about anything asked of me so long as I have definite instruction and it does not require creative thinking.   eta: My time in MD is dependent on whether or not I have a job/assignment. My time on will be more prevalent, however, if I have nothing then my attention is refocused to real life responsibilities.
  11. Why change something that has been around for years? it seems redundant and a waste of resource.
  12. From what I understand, the trials that the judges are appointed to are for bigger reasons than simply jipping someone of gold.
  13. To be honest, MD has had cancer for quite some time now.
  14. There are possibilities of worse. Or even confidential/private that does not deserve the knowledge of the public.    I will not comment on the Magistra incident.
  15. Has it ever been thought that releasing the information would be detrimental to the community and or to those involved? I have never seen a single instance where anything of serious nature could have been contained in a neutral, or even a positive manner. It's always an explosion of nastiness.   Has it also, ever, been thought that perhaps the trials involve far more serious crimes than theft? Than shop fraud? It would not have been implemented for petty crimes in the way that it has.  
  16. I suppose so. But I remember others doing the same and getting a rebuttal.
  17. Another tidbit of advice:   I would highly suggest limiting your backseat modding, such as saying something should be closed. It's a bad habit to get into and not appreciated by the moderating team.
  18. : P It figures...   When I saw the error I was sitting on my computer wigging out thinking I broke something.
  19. Well, if I recall, Necrovion actually had a couple of alliances, but a few of them went down under due to the dying player base, and major changes in the land. So I'm not sure it is fair to say that Necro had less than LR. Nor is it really fair to compare the two between how many allies one had vs. the other.
  20. Can people help if they have stat damage, too? Or would that ruin any attempts to help Chew? I want to help and will even recruit new crits if my situation doesn't cause more damage.
  21. I second chew in applauding those attempting to make change, for a happier and healthier MD. And those attempts come in many forms. In this case, a revival. If we were all told "no we can't do that" and asked why and got told " it's because you cant" we would get no where. Phantom, please stop begrudging people for trying to make change because of the past you aren't willing to let go. As chew says, things have changed. And I would like to think so.
  22. But it's a start. That's what matters. I think getting active members is the hardest part, honestly.
  23. Yarp! I find them fitting and useful. Very applicable in life situations.
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