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  1. Pamps was indeed former master archivist 
  2. Curiose


    OH! I totally forgot about the needle...   Can you explain how it works again?
  3. Curiose


    I never said I would exclude Eon or Dst, in fact I have no problem with what they do. It was a thought that came about in trying to ensure people say what they say they would in a quest, as that seems to be a social solution for that specific quest.  I'm sure mechanically wise it would need tweaking, or at least a better specification of its need, but it is a thought.  And I like sharing thoughts.   And that is a good indicator on whether or not a spell could be implemented.  Does the Slow in itself seem a little OP?   Also, I can't tell if "that would be interesti
  4. Curiose


    I guess that makes sense. The idea of the slow wasn't to deter folk like you or Eon, but it came about as the quest itself was a clicky quest and we wanted to discourage folk from cheating the system so to speak. Like say person x promised to donate item or creature y, but did z instead.   But I guess that is redundant since there is a court appointed system. But MD seems to be ruled more by social bounds than legal (game wise), so maybe not redundant?
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    I was thinking it would be for quest makers, instead of as a general spell. Of course, I do feel that using it as a mechanic of the game should also be founded by the fact that abuse is not tolerated. Kind of like with the silence spell.
  6. When I put this thread up, I didn't realize there were plans in the works already for a new rendition of Eara's Tombola.   I am cancelling the Secret Santa Exchange so as to remove redundancy. But please keep a look out for the clicky tombola as I think it would be great fun.  : )   Thank you guys.
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    I was thinking this would be a really neat counter to some things, or an overall deterrent if it gets fleshed out pretty solidly. Don't want someone messing with your quest (because they are?) send them someplace and strip them of their speed. I dunno if it would work as good on allied folk, as it would non-allied : ex, port someone to LOtE, they have loyalty-  the slow is then countered by their boosted stats.   I would think maybe the slow, mechanic wise could also potentially be like a curse.
  8. Rophs and I are actually hashing something similar to that right now.   I'm excited. : )
  9. I haven't fully hashed this out, as it is a thought I just thought and I want to toss it out to the community and see if this is maybe a viable thing, or if people are interested.   I know Christmas is a little more than a month away, however, that gives plenty of time for planning. : )   Anywho, I was thinking it would be pretty cool to do a Secret Santa Gift Exchange deal.  My thoughts are as follows: *Would need the person who has the Santa Account involved, if that is possible for this, for the anonymity of it all*   * Participants would put their selves on the
  10. While I don't particularly care to do this kind of thing, I feel that maybe I should, to remind myself, and others, of what I am grateful for, and that I am grateful for who, and what I have in my life. Everything and one needs a bit of appreciation some times.   I thought about having a 30 Days of Gratuity thread, but I realize being a week in is a tad too far for November.   Anywho.   I am grateful for my friends- those of physical nature, and those I met online. I am especially grateful for my friends in MD, and it has taken me a while to come back "home".   
  11. Kyphis helped me out, and we got everything sorted.  Thanks for offering, though.  : ) In the legalities of it... I didn't realize this could potentially land MD in hot water. >< I apologize.
  12. This is why I should not stay up late watching movies and hop on MD... because I will never want to sleep.

  13. Can confirm, Still have Ary Tag after resigning.... four? Three years ago? (however there is already a fantastic new Ary in my place already. <3)
  14. It is very late in Curi time, so I might be a bit unclear. If any clarifications are needed, I will attempt in my best way.   I am all for accountability, and I really like what Burns stated.  There are a lot of roles out there that have abilities, powers, paths, what have you, but no real destination nor any real "design" for effort. I'm going to pick on Rophs a bit (I apologize, and I also apologize as I really have no clear understanding of your role aside from the basics), and say that if you gave him the role that he has, and he doesn't fulfill it within a certain time period,
  15. Thank you for the response.  It wasn't a pressing "I must know this now!" thing, but rather a curiosity of mine.
  16. Actually, I think I can a little bit, talk on favoritism. (I apologize if this seems hypocritical on my part, as it is not intended that way).   I think it is awesome that people who do truly awesome things to get the things they deserve. People who put time and effort into the growth and aid of MD deserve recognition of at least some form, because they earned it. I am going to toss out the recent example of the person who did the symbols, I think that is really cool. I didn't say so obviously because I didn't want to be spammy- I feel I have done enough of that. : p   Anywho. Wh
  17. I only speak for myself, Mur, when I say that the reason I personally drew similarities between him and Fang (and maybe a bit of Seigheart), was because of the social behavior.  It didn't have anything to do with the role at all.  But what they did with the social pressures, and the reactions and the general lack of accountability when those pressures arose.   I feel that maybe others feel the same in that regard, however, I cannot speak for those with the biggest opposition.
  18. I can't really comment on the favoritism, but I am curious about the failed role of Seig and Fang, if you would be willing to oblige me.
  19. So I thought I would try my hand at emulators and roms, and I'm making a big mess of it, it seems...   Every file is corrupt, (game cube) or just doesn't work because I'm missing a plug in or something? (Nintendo 64).   The programs aren't even showing up in my uninstall list when I use my control panel, so I have no idea how to get rid of them completely to start over.   Halp, please. I am kind of desperate for it. I don't even have a qualm about screen sharing my PC if it would make things easier.
  20. I gotta be honest here. As much bickering goes on in MD, I feel like the relationships I have forged here are healthier than that of some other places. I am very happy.

  21. On phone, will be brief.     Read what these people are saying.  Read and understand (not read and move on) what I wrote to you.     These people (marv and chew) are giving you the things that you need to work on before you can proper move on.     They aren't bashing you.  They aren't being overly critical, either.  You seriously need an attitude adjustment, because right now, you're borderline lost cause (for me at least).  This isn't intended as an insult, but some growing up is in order. 
  22. I am going to clarify on a point that I think needs clarifying on my post above. Regarding DD's actions being laced entirely of self purpose: He has said before, and many times, that this was an attempt at aiding the community at large.  However, I find that is countered by his "need to report" the actions of Dst and Eon.  I find that to be the opposite of helping the community, and again, only fuels personal vendetta and otherwise pursues to continue the squabbling between the two. I personally feel that if you want to help something, you do so with pure intentions of helping wit
  23. Preface: I don't really care to comment on all the other stuff.  I mainly just have a question (or two) I wish to ask DD specifically. I thought about writing a separate topic on this, but felt it would be too generalized and therefor, needed to be direct.     DD... You state you wanted to help MD grow as a whole, however, I feel that your actions were laced entirely of self purpose. Potentially of a vendetta against Dst, and perhaps even Eon. Do you have any idea of what your actions can, and have done? Do you even understand the concept of accountability? Not that of other
  24. Perhaps be careful of what you wish for if you do not care to suffer the consequences.     I feel that is justification enough.  Not the "solution" but the backfire upon dd. 
  25. On phone, will elaborate later.     Eon, if you swallow your pride, and respectfully speak to him, is awesome.  He's one if my best friends in MD, and back when he wasn't a power house, he was actually really, really helpful with a lot of things.  He even gave me birds and was patient to help me train way back when.     What pissed him off the most is when people don't treat him with respect, or even regard the fact that...  Hey, if you don't want something tampered with (I think he even helped me get back at the folks who put me in stat damage, and helpe
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