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  1. Perhaps it could be split? Like, have a newer player, mid player, and vet player challenge? Or maybe that makes it too convoluded?
  2. That's kind of what I had in mind when I was thinking about it. I was watching the Second Hunger Games movie and I got kind of inspired. : p   I think that would be kinda cool though.
  3. Woke up feeling kind of gross, look outside to see the snow and immediately my spirits rise. I love snow.

    1. Curiose


      It helps also that it is your puppy's first year out in the snow, too.

    2. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      The emotional attitude to snow depends on your current location.

    3. Kittie


      I live in MI, usa so snow... very common and LOTS of it lol.

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  4. I probably spelled that wrong....  Any who.     I would like you all to get into the Christmas spirit! Sing us a merry tune  that is in an MD version.  You have one month from the 20th of November to the 20th of December.     Please sign up on this topic and post all tunes on YouTube (it doesn't have to show you singing it, I just want the song) and include the link and lyrics on the forum.  Please also state the song you are making a parody of as well.  Thank you.    Please vote via reputation system.  :)    I will
  5. There is no Chewett or mur side.  The threads happened before Council disbanded which has happened only very recently, within a couple days at least.     The things stated then were very true; however now things will be done differently in regards to how things will be handled.     I would suggest you get to know the people involved before making assumptions.  
  6. That makes sense. I never had a problem until I tried (unsuccessfully) to root my phone using multiple programs. Darn thing isn't capable of it as it isn't a flagship phone.... oi.   I am not terribly tech savvy in regards to computers, so I think that might have been my first mistake.
  7. YAY! I'm so glad, thank you No One. : )   I would definitely like to hear criticism on this, however. We hashed out most of it and think we covered our bases, but I am sure there are a few things that could be tweaked/fixed.   That sounds cool, Rophs. I wonder if it is possible to make it so that you cannot cast spells in a specific scene? Naturally, it would have high AP, I believe due to viscosity (?) so I am wondering if the allowance of pickles or tea to gain faster movement would be good... I woul dhate to have people "stuck" in the same scene without much mobility.
  8. The idea of this contest is to be a re-envisioning of the Heads and Boss Heads contests with a heavy focus on death and puzzle elements. Participation would be on a sign-up basis, like BHC had. Contestants will be given an item that unlocks the arena location. Upon entering the Murderball arena, the access item would be removed and replaced with a fast use killing implement (1 minute cool down). This killing tool also functions as the key to leaving the Murderball arena - a player may deposit it in the central scene to forfeit the contest and be automatically removed from the arena. Becaus
  9. Oh, thank you.   I don't know how I have been getting these things as I haven't been downloading anything...  none the less, I believe I fixed it. Thank you again.
  10. Lately I have been seeing this on my computer, and I don't know how to get rid of it... I have used ADW cleaner, and CC cleaner, but no luck. Do I just need a specific ad block? As currently, I have adblock plus in my mozilla add-ons.
  11. Activity varies.  If I have mornings available I go to MD.  As that seems to be when folk are most active.  Otherwise, I am alive and well on the forum.     No role.     Seeking to do anything. 
  12. Phantasm, I believe you may be embellishing a little bit. Not only that, but I also feel that you fail to fully read what I said earlier.   1. I said I was not entirely sure of the situation regarding the attempts on Eon's death. And for that, you made the assumption that what I was saying, was fact. Well, here is some fact for you, now that I have it.    2.  Eon was killed successfully (woohoo?) and it took him about 10 hours to be revived. That's pretty hefty if you ask me.  So three minutes is an embellished hyperbole, if you ask me.   3. I wasn't even re
  13. That would be cool... Kind of like old time detective movies with the bodies left for dead. : D But I digress.   I'm not personally familiar with how Eon's contract can be countered. I know there was an attempt at killing him as a temporary cure? Which never went through because of a leak. Would you mind explaining the counter, if you are able or willing?
  14. Personally, I think it would be fun to thwart ne'er do wells.  It wouldn't be done in vengeance, but rather, done in the spirit of the game.     For instance, I thought of killing someone myself just because I want to.   But I wouldn't be upset if someone countered my actions, or, more realistically, gave proper cause and effect for my actions.     Say for instance I kill someone successfully, a d someone was able to prove I was the killer.  I'd be happy to serve my time as my job was completed, and that the victim(s)  were successful in bringing me
  15. Perhaps there could be "evidence"strewn  about. That, and people will talk for the right price.   There is such a thing as witnesses.   Perhaps lawyer up for some immunity if someone involved wants to spill the beans.
  16. Oh, so this is about upping it to make it more beneficial to players?
  17. I really like this. But didn't they already get a badge, but it's buggy and isn't working? Or is it that they have a badge, but not a description of it yet?
  18. Sorry if this is off topic or what not- but- Isn't there already bonuses for log ins? Or was that removed?
  19. Rophs was Aaront!? You were such a punk back then! Glad you're back, none the less. : p
  20. Curiose


    My initial thoughts for the slow were simply as deterrent for quest abuse, or in other words,  "cheating".  
  21. Not participating, sorry for the possible spam.    But wanted to toss out a "good job". 
  22. Curiose

    Rickroll Quest

    Curse you Pompy! (Ivo) +1 *#%4^%^# KYPHIS. +1
  23. Oh, sorry.  I mean, an example of how to unlock a clicky. 
  24. Chew, could you give an example? If possible? 
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