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  1. Uhm... I don't think So, Rendril. > > You live in Africa...
  2. MD as in Maryland.. or.. OR ARE YOU TRAPPED INSIDE OF MAGICDUEL~?!
  3. So, I was having this crazy WHACKED OUT* conversation with Kyphis, and he came up with this idea to ask people [b]What state they live in.[/b] So, I go okay, and well. I'm a social butterfly [[i]When I want to be[/i]] And well. I like to meet new people and hang out and share stories and just do crazy stuff. And as thus: What state are you from? : D I actually, for starters: Live in Idaho. *It wasn't really whacked out, I'm just in a crazy mood [as you can tell with the crazy fonts and such.] **reason for editing: I forgot to put my own state.
  4. Curiose

    itsy bitsy spidy

    That's a huge spider's web..
  5. Curiose


    I'm sure it would hurt so badly if you had fallen on those things... Love the picture though.
  6. Curiose

    ivory tower

    Oooooh, I do love this one.
  7. Curiose


    Beautiful picture... What kind of camera do you use? I'm interested in photography, and the resolution is marvelous.
  8. YAAAAAAYYYYY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. : D I still feel shocked that I'm older... but hey! >> I can pick on you still.. Just don't grow old and haggard. :c That would be bad... yes, yes. Very bad.
  9. You sir! Are a twit.

  10. I'm coming out! And I want the world to know, I want the world to see~

    1. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      I'm comin' up

      So you better you better get this party started

    2. Curiose


      > > Yeah! Start the party!

  11. ... Wow.


  12. Are you saying you are uber cute?

    O o

  13. Life would be so much easier if you could just disown your family~

    1. The Great Wanderer

      The Great Wanderer

      Or perhaps if all could learn to live in peace? I wish you well in whatever troubles you may have...

    2. Peace


      We can not choose our family. Best is to learn to live with them, whether you like it or not until your time comes and you make your own, an even better one. Learn from then to avoid the future. *hugs*

    3. Curiose
  14. Oooh, awesome. So that means, if I control the world you are my minion?

  15. I do agree with just labeling it as 2010-11 and such like that. I think that if we round up the veteran Rpers, it would also make a good game. However, what I am also trying to steer away from is the 'people who always do everything and are known for always doing everything.' Not that I would mind, but, I do want the general public to have a chance to participate and show what they got.
  16. Curiose


    While I agree with wanting to leave MP6 for training, the other reasoning I do not agree with. I do not agree with taking the lazy approach when dealing with your adepts. In some sense, I do find it a bit insulting when you call them inactive when they either: A. Show independence from their Mp6 B. Are not around whenever the Mp6 is. When I play the game, I don't always see Pample around, nor does that always mean I pester her a lot with questions. Players play as they will and you can't call them inactive when a good portion of them are possibly from the other end of the world. Wou
  17. Interesting.. I am a Holly and a Horse..

  18. Let us rule the world and kick some serious Arse.

  19. Sing a song for the long lost dead~

  20. Grido-Bug, I needs to talk to you about Story Night since you are basically the new Yrth while he is away.

  21. If you want to participate and share what's on your papers, we will still need to have your works so that we can share them because: 1. Person may have wanted to attend, and yet may not have been able to. 2. Something has somehow destroyed your works and there is still a valid copy. 3. For future referencing. 4. To allow judging of said piece if needed by the kings or otherwise.
  22. I'm putting my bloody Angry Faise on.

  23. Curi's Corner Update: Added "No Title" 9/11/10 Story Night short story. Enjoy.
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