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  1. He does it every year.
  2. Curiose

    Professor Jester

    Nice hair cut. Looking sharp.
  3. Yay! Congrats, Ary. : ) Enjoy your shiny pokey stick. 
  4. Again, DD:   1 Grido. Numerous LHOs and Applicants.  Also, Grido has a life outside of MD.    And.... you tend to ignore when people tell you things, anyway. So I'm not surprised you refuse to acknowledge what Grido just stated above.    ^Especially when you don't get your way  perceive that information to be negative.
  5. Grido told me why my application was denied when I went to him. Think about it: there's only one grido and how many applicants? If you want to know why, ask yourself.
  6. Oh, OK. Thanks for that clarification. I think I understand what you mean. I'll likely respond again, later in full.
  7. Essentially nothing any different than someone in a place of power : Reasonable experience, integrity, willingness to learn and help, and knowledge (to name a few). I would expect that from anyone, really, but it is more imperative with those who are literally entrusted to aid the next generation of players in the game, and maintain it. Edit: My post wasn't a nitpick, either. I have no real disgruntles with the LHOs or their doings, but asked a query. I gave a mild suggestion of what I feel would be helpful. I also don't expect every single option to be feasible or doable.
  8. Not particularly about the job posting in general, but I have a question about typical recruitments (if this is the wrong spot, apologies). It's stated that applications should receive a yes more so than a no... A couple times I have seen folk get upset at the ignorance of an LHO. A lot of times, what they say is taken something akin to what a GM says. As in, it's something to be relied upon and respected. If the LHO does not have the qualifications to be an LHO, but is one, that would, I think reasonably, put less faith in them as a while for their reliability. Could we perhaps ha
  9. I haven't been fully "around" for some years, I admit. And to some, I know there will be the obvious chatter of rebuttal regarding my absence, as is expectant of their ways. Now... With that preface, I'm going to do some explaining like, at least, on my end why I've only bothered to poke my head around every now and then. MD is MD. There is no other way to truly describe it. I refuse, essentially, to really call it a game, in all honesty. Maybe a collaboration of creative minds infused with the sciences, particularly philosophy (even somewhat diluted in its usage). It makes no sen
  10. I am still alive; fried the computer hard drive and adjusting to a new work schedule. Hard drive is back to being fixed.

  11. Yep! No One is really nice when it comes to requests like that, at least in my experience. I find it a lot easier to just go to him if I need something than to have to harvest something myself. I mean, hunting for things is sooooooooooo old school.   : p And monopoly? Psh. As far as I know, he hasn't once asked for money so... any retorts about monopoly are pretty far fetched.
  12. Solution: Just ask the so called hoarders if they wouldn't mind helping you with making your teas, cakes or sand castles (etc). Simple. A kind request goes a long way.   If you begin abusing their kindness by making say more tea, cake, or sand castles than initially stated, then that would be an issue... but it's not. Just give the remains back to the person you got them from.
  13. I think I need some sleep... Or some espresso. Yeah, espresso.

  14. I watched the great lebowsky, saw an old friend, potentially made some new ones.
  15. DD;   I honestly hate to say that I told you so, but I told you so. When you treat people lower than the dirt you stand on, then they have no choice but to split it from between your feet. You are the cause for your own fall.   Maybe when you come back you will be more mature, you will learn your lesson, and you will take more gratuity from the things people give you. You do not know the worth of friendship, much less the worth of kindness and effort. The weight is yours to bear, and only yours. Many have washed their hands of you, and so, there is none to blame but yourself. &
  16. Warning: This may get long. Apologies in Advance.   I'm happy because... I'm happy.   It was a long time coming, actually. For a long time I was miserable, and unfortunately, the proof is deep in the pudding. I know that I often toot about how thankful I am for the MD community, but it is because I am. I have made some truly cherishable friendships and acquaintances that without them, I likely would not be who I am today.   I have untreated depression. Likely a slew of other problems regarding my mental health (but that's a different story, however, this year I have pulled
  17. I don't mean to disappear; but working twelve hour days is exhausting...

  18. Thanks for the feedback.  I really appreciate it. : )
  19. Sorry for the belatedness, Pompy.     Happy birthday you fantastic person, you. 
  20. Curi is eating Curry and drinking Angry Orchard. Sounds like me.

  21. It is going to be an interesting week for Da Curi. May be a bit more scarce than usual. PM if needed. I do not have any other expedient methods to reach me, unfortunately.

    1. John Constantine

      John Constantine

      No face-to-face conversation? I'm confused.

    2. Curiose


      I won't be online as much when everyone else is during the week it seems due to my new job, and where I will be at does not offer wifi for me to use, so I cannot pop in to check stuff, like YIM. So PMs on the forum are the best way of reaching me if I'm needed.

  22. I don't have to.  It's a general "will work" statement.  As in, whatever the beneficiary decides they want me to do, I will do it to the best of my abilities until the contract is fulfilled or something else is negotiated.    Your "help" isn't desired or necessary.  Bugger off.    Anywho...   Alms for the poor, anyone?
  23. I'm poor. And creatureless. I need loyalty, to boot.   So... Curi will beg request for work in exchange of gold.
  24. But aren't Illusions not completely... fixed? Or something? I just remember there is a reason they are publically used.
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