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  1. Adding on:

    Maybe I am blind but I am having a difficult time finding where my all of my relevant movement points are. The UI right now feels like it has a lot of empty space that could be utilized to make this information a bit more accessible. I like that it is clean and condensed but it feels a bit.. too condensed.  

    For instance, while this information is neat:KxYpGDQ.png


    It also overlaps with other ui interface functions. 

  2. I only have this one so far but is it possible to make it so that the notification that you've received something a bit more apparent?
    As you can see, I have the glow that I would assume denotes that I have a notification of sorts. 
    But when I go to look...
    Nothing is highlighted. There is no indication that I have received anything. It wasn't until I checked "Alliance" earlier today that I noticed that I even had an invitation to MDA

    If everything has been checked or opened, the glow goes away. 


  3. I work a lot now. Like, almost 60 hours a lot, now. Mostly due to covid but once everything at work is sorted I'll be ok. 

    I have a tendency to ramble and a lot that remember me will remember that, specifically. 

    Just wanted to pop in here and say that I miss you. This place was of great inspiration for me and the bug has kind of hit me again. I miss it. 
    I do have a couple of questions:
    Who runs the MDA
    Is there a vault of avvies I can look into? I seem to be missing one, in either I gave it away a long time ago or it has been pulled. Amoran gave it to me. 
    And, I guess, lastly, is there anything I can do to help in my minimal time?

  4. I haven't written anything like this in a long time. And so it makes me very happy to know I can still write. But anywho. I wrote this, and I want to share, and I want thoughts and I want critiques. Please and thank you, would you please?


    Ship's Safe Harbor


    It is the way the rain falls; without care or precision. It just falls. Like the way your hands fell-- inanimate,  while the color drained from your face. And I recalled the day you laid in bed with a half written smile. It was so full of stories, things you never shared, things I wanted to know about the world out there. Where the waves crashed against the boulders and the sea salt stung your face. You never told me about how the wind whistled in your ear of promise and adventure, nor how the sky, in its vastness, foretold the future. 


    You were so young when you started. Just a boy who didn't know any better, just knew that he had a calling. Didn't care about the tales of creatures or illness.  You had a heart made of glass that only grew more robust every time you landed along the shore with your feet digging into the hot sand. 


    Months, you disappeared. Without letter or word or thought to note your situation. Upon return, it was like you never showed; just a ghost to haunt the memories that still existed. But here you are, not a ghost, but not a man, either. The rain is still falling, and I remember how much you loved that rain. Doesn't matter if the storm hit while on ship, or while you chased those tides. The water in its various forms was yours and you could read it like the best of them. 


    Like that time you came home drenched and nearly caught your death. Yet you beamed with such enthusiasm. You smiled so wide and you waved your lantern and you cried out in a cheer that you were home. 


    But now you are here. The same curious light in your eyes has passed. The same ocean green that reminded me so much of those thunderous waves has faded. It is lackluster even though I try as I might to remember the life. Every day you risked your life, catching whatever you could whenever you had to. Not out of duty, not out of praise, but for the sake of wanting to feel alive. To feel the adrenaline rush that comes with chaos and unknown. 


    No matter where you went you sought that excitement. Contagious, it was. With a wide brimming grin, and a chortle that was infectious. You were unmistakable; everyone knew you. Ironically, though, now you are alone. 


    You won't be able to travel the wide berth of water. You won't smell of salt, sweat, and blood. But you are here. And you are home at last, where you won't fear being forgotten. All your scares and frights are gone now because I will remember you and your honor and your light. No more will you fear being lost at sea, dying without the comfort of those who care. 


    Right now, you are safe. In your ship's safe harbor. 

  5. I did not take what you stated as an attempt to censor me, at all, either. 
    I think I make a fair statement in that no one's interactions can truly dictate the integrity of a person-- does not matter if someone has 99 good interactions with someone. That person will still have 1 who has had a negative impact put upon them. Sometimes people don't seem to see the forest from the trees, in this case.

     Edit: by no-one, I didn't mean the person. I meant a generalized "no one". Apologies if any confusion came about.

  6. Never said I was perfect, nor have I ever said I didn't do any wrong.
    What I am saying, is that maliciously attacking someone is not an excuse nor reason.

    It was an example of current times. So again, take it as you will. You're only further driving the topic off course.

  7. More like: Multiple experiences with multiple people were terrible. 

    I'm not saying that Chewett is some sort of perfect mortal, he is human. But that I don't typically see him going out of his way to harass someone or to be overtly obsessed over someone. 


    So, take it as you will. 

  8. Nimrodel, multiple people have tried to assist (myself included) dd in a way that was respectable, and still got (excuse my language) shat in in return. So, the behavior in itself is not too far out of the realm of possibility. I've had my dealings with chew when I wasn't so peachy keen, and in my experience, Chew keeps fairly even.

    Aeo, that posting was in regards to something someone else stated. On phone otherwise I'd quote. I'll elaborate later.

    I was actually messing around on Google plus and my Google contacts or other email contacts were on there. Someone was a friend of someone I had found in my e mail contacts, and that is how I found them. The name was the same that they typically use, however... They had a picture of their self on there. Because it was Google plus, it seemed like they had that information available for networking. Not so someone could find it from MD.

    Well, here's the thing. I have a Facebook and I don't share my real name often. In the past have tried to rremove as much personal, searchable information as I could. Yet, I was still found on fb. If someone goes around deliberately searching for information, however harmless that may be, it's still not right. Sure, it's out there... But why search for it? It's creepy.

    OK iI'll bite. I model. I share that with hundreds of people on a deviant art page, and I am fully aware of the consequences of having it out there. But what I am not going to accept is someone trying to use those pictures of myself to try and shame me, black mail me, or pass them around for their own amusement.

    It was the latter that I meant. People going out of their way to find info.

  9. I guess if given some context, No One, at least for the thing of disrespecting those who work hard on MD, what mur says is fairly reasonable, I think.

    For example, the way DD treats chewett is abhorrent. Obviously disrespecting him and his work.

    But what I don't understand, I suppose, is that he's constantly rewarded for bad behavior....

  10. I'm going to use a scenario that I ran into regarding personal information.

    I once found some information about a fellow MD'er on a social media site. I knew this person was very particular about their personal information. I didn't choose to add them, or message them, but I did tell them eventually.

    Point is, if you find someone's information, don't take liberties with it. Tell them, privately that you stumbled upon it, as they may not know. I have personally had information that I did not voluntarily put out there (I'm looking at you, Rophs), found and acted upon without my approval.

    While someone may have some mMD'ers on a social media site, that doesn't make it OK to impose there also. Some of us have things that we rreally don't want the whole of MD society to get their hands on.

    Edit: also, don't bloody ask around for someone's information, either! That's creepy and an invasion of privacy!

  11. Honestly; 

    I don't like the question. 


    Not because it is a bad question, per say, but because I feel it doesn't quite... well, have a good answer to it, I feel. When we all started MD we all had our own perceptions, experiences, and desires.  Now that we have gone through those stages, our perceptions of what "should" be done are colored. Some (not many) are brand spankin' new. And so, maybe the question would better apply to them. But many of us, have been around for years and you only experience the freshness of MD once, so to speak. 


    These are just my thoughts. 

  12. On phone, so, I can't do direct quotes.

    Atheon was taking responsibility for what was happening, so, clearly I am going to address him.
    In no way am I blaming him, in fact, if you bothered to read what I said, I encouraged him to keep it up. It just made no sense to apologize for something that was put of his hands.

    You, however, are continuing to perpetuate the idea that nothing is happening to be resolved. Chewett posted just prior that if given the names, they will be resolved. He even stated that he helped asthir, one who was killed, just recently. So... What's the problem here? There isn't one. You're kicking up dust for no reason. It's annoying.

    Assira Essentially stated the same thing I did; are you going to nitpick and misinterpret her, too?

    Edit: How you could possibly misinterpret what I said to be an attack is just beyond me.

  13. I honestly would have to side with z on this.

    And excuse my language, fluffy stuff isn't my forte.
    Shit happens.

    You can't 100 percent predict what is going to happen, or how people are going to react or what they do. In this case, people ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. Were you expecting this? No? Then don't worry about it. Chewett offered to remedy the situation and that's what matters. Your storm was successful, you did something. So why do you feel you have to pin the blame on yourself?

    It's fantastic you're willing to own up to it, but, truly, don't. It's a minor issue and you're doing something with your means. It's not like you unnecessarily killed people and refused to revive them like the day of fear. You had purpose and a means of reversal.

    You done good, kid. So keep it up, k?

  14. (Hope I'm not too late to the party)


    Dear Mr. Rubico....


    I must contest against some of the prior statements! Particularly against the Mr. Salmon, there. Tut. It's not about love or reproduction, in fact! He mispronounced it completely! It's not Ara-Mour, it's Air-a-more! Meaning, we need more air! Well, they're made with plenty of air. So much Air I wonder if the tiny men of GG could fit inside of them... Maybe that's why the tiny men are stuck. It's a conspiracy!

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