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  1. Well. What about the idea of some forced leveling? It fixes the problem of both mp3/4 being stuck *and* prevents the little cowardice shits from staying there to pick on those that don't know better.
  2. Ooooooooooh that would make a lot of sense. I wonder if I didn't notice until after I made the purchase... but. Hm. I had the 442 even after I died, unless the shop purchased caused a refresh trigger or something.
  3. I went from having over 400 AP to... I'm not sure if this is maybe a visual bug or if it inadvertently reduced it somehow. I only purchased 1 Kinetic Memory. Sorry, also if this was not in the right spot.
  4. Hi I'm dead. Granos murdered me with a spoon. He said I was too beeligerent and deserved some time in the comb. Azull said my ap will wax with being in shade, but I don't see what all the buzz was about with being dead. He said that the rewards will be as sweet as honey, though! : ))) Maybe other deadlings should wake up and smell the flowers for once.
  5. I think It's more pink than it is purple; or at least it is not the same shade of purple that would otherwise connotate deadly consumption.
  6. I am going to make an edit to clarify the point a tad.
  7. Hope you don't mind me bringing up an old thing from the past: But Nightshade used to be a common mention. I don't know if people mention it any more ( I don't remember it's context, but I assume it was a necrovian drug) or if even the freshest Necrovians even know of it's existence in MD. Nightshade the flower is a dark purple'd hue in real life. There is deadly nightshade the flower, and then there is also the family "nightshade" which carries vegetables and berries such as eggplants. huckleberries, tomatoes.
  8. Adding on: Maybe I am blind but I am having a difficult time finding where my all of my relevant movement points are. The UI right now feels like it has a lot of empty space that could be utilized to make this information a bit more accessible. I like that it is clean and condensed but it feels a bit.. too condensed. For instance, while this information is neat: It also overlaps with other ui interface functions.
  9. After all, it is up to the caretaker to not carelessly give away his gifts.
  10. I only have this one so far but is it possible to make it so that the notification that you've received something a bit more apparent? As you can see, I have the glow that I would assume denotes that I have a notification of sorts. But when I go to look... Nothing is highlighted. There is no indication that I have received anything. It wasn't until I checked "Alliance" earlier today that I noticed that I even had an invitation to MDA. If everything has been checked or opened, the glow goes away.
  11. I work a lot now. Like, almost 60 hours a lot, now. Mostly due to covid but once everything at work is sorted I'll be ok. I have a tendency to ramble and a lot that remember me will remember that, specifically. Just wanted to pop in here and say that I miss you. This place was of great inspiration for me and the bug has kind of hit me again. I miss it. I do have a couple of questions: Who runs the MDA? Is there a vault of avvies I can look into? I seem to be missing one, in either I gave it away a long time ago or it has been pulled. Amoran gave it to me. And, I guess, lastl
  12. I see a BFH, I see a Pompy, I see a Pippy, and a Chew Chew...

  13. Hey mister, long time no talk. Figured I'd see how you were doing. <3 

  14. Huh.  Nice change on the forum. 

  15. Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes! It was fantastic.
  16. MDA is considered a main land if I recall correctly. MDA is more of an administrative land than anything, considering the roles of the people in its land from prior to present.
  17. Thank you, Ignnus. I think you kind of stated something that was very elusive for me. I was asked what this piece means to me, and I think I know.
  18. I haven't written anything like this in a long time. And so it makes me very happy to know I can still write. But anywho. I wrote this, and I want to share, and I want thoughts and I want critiques. Please and thank you, would you please? Ship's Safe Harbor It is the way the rain falls; without care or precision. It just falls. Like the way your hands fell-- inanimate, while the color drained from your face. And I recalled the day you laid in bed with a half written smile. It was so full of stories, things you never shared, things I wanted to know about the world out there. Where the
  19. I dunno. In my early days I played a crazed mushroom worshipper who demanded sacrifices and overall made a pittance out of religion. Yet... no one told me it was offensive. So, I dunno. It doesn't bother me.
  20. Demotion is a poor choice of words as she was not forcibly removed from the pposition. She requested it. Resignation is the better choice.
  21. I did not take what you stated as an attempt to censor me, at all, either. I think I make a fair statement in that no one's interactions can truly dictate the integrity of a person-- does not matter if someone has 99 good interactions with someone. That person will still have 1 who has had a negative impact put upon them. Sometimes people don't seem to see the forest from the trees, in this case. Edit: by no-one, I didn't mean the person. I meant a generalized "no one". Apologies if any confusion came about.
  22. Hence, multiple. Multiple does not equate to everyone. Figured that was abundantly clear.
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