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  1. 1 is false Mallos. 1)I have jumped off the roof of a house 2)I work a daytime job 3)Played battleship with horseshoes Edit: 2 was correct Grido! Darn. I should have done a less obvious lie!
  2. If you want hyper-drunk just give Fang alchohol.
  3. [quote name='No one' timestamp='1359026753' post='131343'] @Change: Lets hope that Council noted that the wish is no longer required. actually ... I will add a comment in the voting page too about this Edit: Done. @VertuHonagan: Read announcements: For the first time in a long time, I agree with the way she handled this incident. Also, you should thank Dst for all her work. She stopped more abuses & bugs that any one individual in MD remembers, even if she didn't do it in an enjoyable way. [/quote] You completely misunderstood my post. I was not speaking about the creator of
  4. 1.[b] ZenTao [/b]- ability to add stories, news, quests, arts and music to the MD archives library possibly under my own book or I would not mind helping update others such as providing an illustrated book cover for each book helping dust and in general creating a updated archives (Sounds like you can put in some work to help out the community and I like that thought. Is there not a way for you to currently do this within your own character role as you are now?) 2.[b] Chewett[/b] - summon people to Angiens Shrine 4 casts (I love the art here and wish it was still open for people to view. Eve
  5. You know something? Flame topics, like these, are why I hardly ever take the time to read anything on the forums. In my opinion, if someone has a problem with something someone else is doing, they should first speak to that person in private before bringing it up in a forum topic. Then, if that conversation does not do anything, speak to other players in private and get their opinions on the issue. If enough players agree with you and feel it is a problem, then you should proceed to open up a topic like this. Otherwise, please keep it off the forums. The only thing you people are doing, are ma
  6. Yeah. They were nearly impossible for me to get. The only one I knew was the clothes rack, because it was the only one that made sense to me. :s
  7. Imperial Aramor or Colored Joker whichever one gets bids on first. Send me a message for your bid thanks.
  8. I do not mind the council nor the jobs that they do. That is not why I disapprove of the council. The problem I have with the council is the way they handle certain situations. In light of recent events, I think they could use a bit more organization and thought behind their decisions before making a decision. Also, I feel that if they make a decision they need to stand behind it and not let people back them out of a decision that they have made. Secondly, I think it would be nice to see a little less transparency into decision making when it comes to the game itself. I have seen polls befor
  9. I placed my vote, but I do not believe there would be alt abuse on something like this. The only areas I would think the alt abuse would be used are in competition polls or any poll that would result in the abuser making gain from it. I don't feel there is much gain to be made in abusing a poll like this one.
  10. So what is the christmas tree gift anyways?
  11. I am grateful for my family and the few friends that I have.
  12. If we are talking recently then I will only state the ones I've watched in the last month. Otherwise I have will have a 2 page list of anime that I have watched. I've lately been watching Dragonball z all the way through as I have never completely seen the series before. Ai yori aoshi, Rewatched Zatch Bell, Rewatched Gurren Lagann for the 5th time, and I think that is about it for the last month. Could be some more but not sure. Ever since I started working 12 hour shifts 6 days a week I have not had much time for anything.
  13. I guess I could technicaly be a new player, as I have only been able to play this game for breif periods of time, throughout my five years playing this game.
  14. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1354620623' post='127354'] My name is not xyz so i advise you not to call me otherwise. [/quote] You realize that using the double negatives you just told him to call you xyz, correct? Anyways I think this topic is getting way out of hand and has just become a bicker fest. Can someone please close this now?
  15. No idea, but even if I was teleported I would have found my way out. Would have been interesting to see what happened though.
  16. If this is an opinion topic on TKs then may I make an opinionized suggestion? I suggest doing away with a clear "leader" of the TK's. Rather than having a leader, that makes all final decisions for the TK's and has full power over all the workings of the TK role, make all members of the TK alliance propose ways of rewarding quests, running the alliance, etc. and have all members within the alliance agree on what the best choice of action to take depending on the situation. In this way I think it would promote the alliance to work together more fully and prevent any excessive charity/rewardin
  17. welcome to the game and enjoy yourself!
  18. I have turned in research notes and never heard anything about it. :s
  19. Well Phantom Orchid I guess you could just do the only thing open to you. Hold the dreams outside of the realm and make it part of MD except not part of MD since it is impossible for you to do it in MD without being pried on everytime you try to do your job. Since the only ones that are dissagreeing with your side of the argument are the ones that have the power to do anything about it. I think it is pretty sad that someone can't do their job they are assigned within the game without being spied on every single time they do their job. After a certain amount of time, the trial period to make su
  20. I also agree that dreams should not be able to be viewed by anyone other than the ones involved in the dream, unless the ones involved choose to tell others the dream they had.
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