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  1. I do not remember how I came here to be honest. That was 7 years ago and I was just about to start college. I do know that I found the concept to be interesting and enjoyed seeing all the scenes. I am still waiting for more scenes to be made and areas that say in progress to be finished. I believe I am sticking around just to see how those areas will turn out. If they ever get finished.
  2. My favorite thing to do is solving puzzles/riddles.
  3. Maybe some advice for the future Chew: If you are going to be having a long conversation and trying to explain a point that will take more than ingame text will allow, move the conversation to somewhere private. This way you can write out and clearly explain everything in one long post, so the other person won't be able to get frustrated half way through and run off before you can finish your point.
  4. I really like this idea, but I think a non Virtual document would be best sent out as a picture. Something that the player can print out using either their home printer or some printer at a library, etc. This way these docs can be held in the players hands without adding a lot of additional cost to production from MD.
  5. Hello, fellow Magicduel Players, I'm Vertu Honagan and I have an inquery into your minds that I would like answered. I'm planning on making a pretty decent/big ingame quest soon and I would like to pique your minds for a little preparation. Last time I made a quest, I made an impossible riddle, my way of thinking is way too different from a normal person, and I would like to see the way you all think. This way I can make challenging puzzles, riddles, and mini-games, without making anything impossible. As I do not feel there is a right or wrong answer to this, I do not feel it can be a quest wi
  6. I have always said there were not enough NPC battles and I still feel this way. The only interactions that we have from not having them are mainly people attacking and then running away, or two people allowing the others to train on them. I don't honestly feel that having more npc's will have any negative affect on the interactions of other players. I personally would like to see more quests using clickies such as Maebius' quest A riddle, of sorts, etc. I would also like to see something done with the newly implemented clickies like the telescope. Maybe having some kind of mini-game where
  7. I have just one comment on it: Please get healing to work on this asap. First of all, it loads a lot faster. Secondly, it is not glitchy like the current one, and it actually shows the correct information. My normal creature page is currently so messed up, I can't even tell which creatures are dead and which ones have max vitality.
  8. You know for some reason, I always had problems with arrays. In game programming, I always ended up just hand coding every duplicate that I wanted to make. As it ended up working out better and looking nicer. Even though the coding was way more extensive than what was necessary. lol. Although I will say its been 8 years since I last took a game programming class, so I am not nearly as informed on game programming as I used to be. But I have been taught how to learn programming languages, so if you tell me what you are using, I should be able to get a basic programming knowledge on the codi
  9. As I am a firm believer in everything being an option for everyone so long as they take the time and effort to unlock them, I believe that yes it is a good idea for Drachorns to enter the realm in this way. At least in this way you are encouraging players to not only play the game, but also create real life designs of in game creatures. You could also incorporate this into the story mode as a way of teaching players how to look into the current challenges page on their own and see all the current active quests. As to the question in the announcement about permanent quests: I personally
  10. I have taken many art classes in both high school and college, I personally can NOT draw without looking at something. This right here is the best advice I could give to someone starting out: http://brandyroseart.com/2013/04/06/the-upside-down-philosophy/ Read that as it is exactly what I would have wrote out except I'm lazy and don't have to since she did. :P Also I suggest practicing drawing with the picture that she used as the example as it is the same one my art teachers used. If you are having trouble with a good eraser I would definitely use either rubber erasers for cha
  11. The world is such a big place, this is just proof that we can't be the only living organisms in the world. It's too big for just the known species.
  12. AD: 587 volition: 0 (0.85) Grinding: I'd say that's a pretty obvious no. I rarely ever move from one spot. I'm rather fat now a days.
  13. I think most of this should be in a new topic called: worse thing about the community. The community here is getting so acidic that they are almost as bad as alteils'. I think mur should try to do something about how harsh the community is towards each other and try to improve the overall friendliness within this game. It would make the realm more enjoyable overall
  14. The worse thing about mur, is that he is not as sociable/interactive as he used to be. Back when I first joined this realm in 2007 Mur was the only one to ever speak to me and we had quite a few pleasant conversations. Now a days I rarely see him greeting newer players in game and have not once had a conversation with him since I have been able to come back to the realm. I also don't see him speaking in game other than to resolve issues in-game/creating new works.
  15. I'm curious, how would fighting as groups and working together be any different than now? The only difference with what I suggested is that it encourages people to both actually WORK for the points, rather than sitting around, and it also helps people that want to help each other out gain wins. In fact, the only ones that it would really help if they decided to work together are people like me, if you really want to go that far. People that don't have alliances would be able to trade wins back and forth A LOT faster, and be capable of getting in A LOT more matches. Thus netting more points. Ma
  16. That happened to me as well! I'm currently using a cord to hook it up to a tv screen, but I don't have own one. I'm using a friends while at his house. After I leave I won't be on for a while. :(
  17. I would actually compete in HC as an MP5, but I do not have proper internet connection to stay online long enough to actually win. So there is no point in me ever even trying to compete. If there was any way to change the HC this would be my suggestion: Heads are ONLY gained through combat. A win in combat generates 3 heads. A loss in combat generates 1 head. A tie generates 0 heads. Then base the scores off of total heads count instead of points generated by the heads. This way the contest actually ENCOURAGES fighting instead of running around and hiding for 3 days str
  18. My laptop has broken. I will not be around much anymore.

  19. I'm just saying that I know a few people that are too scared to post on forums in fear of getting a bad reputation...Even when it comes to posting bugs they won't post them for this fear. I think having a reputation system in forums is just an overal bad idea.
  20. This is a forum, I don't see why a reputation system is needed. In my honest opinion, people get so wrapped up/worried about the reputation system and being "liked" that some people won't even post thier true opinions in fear of not being liked. Or even joining into opinions just so that they can feel like they are actually popular. If there was any kind of reputation it should be in game and on characters based on how the characters themselves are. Not based on every random post someone makes. It's just silly to me.
  21. Sorry I have not made a post here, I thought my post on the other topic was sufficient. I also did not feel that jail time was the correct course to take. I think that she should try to rekindle the bridge between Chewett and herself that has been extinguished. Try to become friendly towards each other, but alas, I feel that this is probably impossible now. I just want everyone to be happy and I want all of this to be done and over with. I'm so sick and tired of hearing about it that it is giving me headaches everytime it is brought up. If Chewett wants her out and to give her a second cha
  22. I believe maybe it should only fill it to a certain amount. Such as 5 water per hour that it is raining. That way it would still require more player interaction than weather.
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