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  1. I personally think anything to do with illusions and how best to use them as a group could be interesting. Using assets like illusions and resources always seemed to go over my head.

    Maybe because I was much younger and just blowing through things back when I use to play. But I think discussions or community involvement with illusions could open more ideas and suggestions from newer players, or those that haven’t played around with them much, could give some new perspectives on them.

  2. 2 hours ago, Mallos said:

    You will need to be more specific on what you are creating. Most of the newer features are listed in the announcements you can always look through those. Or ask here or on the discord.

    Where can I find the discord? All I know, is that I was randomly clicking on the scene and it said I created. lol

  3. I’m trying to play using IPhone and I’ve got some concerns and questions:

    Unconfirmed: So first off my account says that it is unconfirmed and I’m only able to send 2 messages in chat before it blocks me out. I’m wondering how I can get that link back as my account was made way back in like 2009 or something and I’m pretty sure I confirmed it way back when. I used to be able to RP and chat as much as I wanted, so I would assume it used to be confirmed. But since it’s saying it’s not, I would like to be able to confirm my email and my account. It is a little odd that it let me reset my password using my email and Everything but not confirmed. Lol. 

    Creating: this is probably the wrong place to ask this one. But I’m apparently creating stuff in game but have no idea what it’s doing or creating. Is there a place to find this information?


    clicking on features: Some of the in game pop up logs when you click on things are too long even when the phone is landscaped and unable to be read. I’m unable to scroll through the pop up to read the full messages. Is there anything I can do other than switching to a pc/laptop, which I don’t have at the moment?

  4. On 4/9/2019 at 3:45 AM, Vicious said:

    Gosh, it's been quite a while since I've spoken to anyone here. Even the odd person I kept in touch with, I have the last messages sent... A year ago. 

    I'm reading over stuff, thinking about the past and the people in it. It's weird to think that other people have been getting on with their own lives. I kind of imagine the people that "lived" here as not ever really ageing or changing in the least. Obviously, I watched people change in front of my eyes and just didn't really ever notice it. I wish I could hear everyone's stories since the last time I spoke to them, to see if everyone else has changed as much as I imagine they have. I'd be surprised if they hadn't to be honest. 

    I'm don't know how things are going at the minute. I haven't asked, I don't really want to. In my mind, this is the place it always used to be back when I used to frequent it. There's honestly a special place in my heart for the people and places here, and it makes me tear up a little to type that, feeling silly as all heck as I do. I don't know whether this is a Hello, or a Goodbye, or what else it really could be. Something I can't put into words. That's a bit unlike me, these days. I like to think that I'm just a tad more articulate, flowery, expressive, whatever.

    I've had a lot of issues with expression in the past. Perhaps I wanted people to notice when I radically changed? I don't think they did, or they were kind enough to not point it out in a rude way. Maybe that's why I chose this sort of shapeshifter persona, despite how outright irritating that must have been back in the day. I loved to play characters and switch things up, and I think a lot of that was finding myself, as sappy as it reads to my own eyes. I guess my real point here is just in a way that I probably gave off a lot of wrong impressions. I don't mean that in a fake way. I'm not really planning on re/kindling up a bunch of friendships. I didn't know how to get across what I wanted sometimes. Fake hostility probably came out a lot as real hostility. This applies to EVERYONE I ever spoke to at any point. I can't say I've ever... Really, truly, actually despised anyone here, or even remotely disliked anyone for longer than a minute. No, not even you.

    It's bittersweet to read over things. Surprisingly, more sweet than bitter. I can't put my finger on it. I feel detached from who I used to be, though as a few people have alluded to in the past, I'm a different person entirely publicly and privately, normally. 

    Maybe some of you haven't had a break (and I type that assuming this is going to be read by anyone, I'm fairly sure it isn't.) Maybe you're thinking about what a random little thing this is. I sure am! I've been gone for years though, I think, and think I needed to say something, though I know I've said things along these lines before, but perhaps not as heartfelt as it is now, with all the experience and knowledge I've gotten under my belt since those times.

    Anti-climax. Apologies. Sorry for being an annoying little s- sugarcube. I appreciate beyond what I can express in words all the things that you did for me though, intentionally or not, well-intentioned or not.

    I love you all, best of luck in whatever you've moved onto since we last spoke, and I hope you're all as young-at-heart as you were back then too. Here's to... I guess... Seven years ago?



    I know exactly what you’re talking about! I literally just sat here and read every single one of our 40-50 some odd private messages and just reminiscing. You were one of the 2  people from this game that I really connected with outside of the main game. 

    I remember how you used to get so many people upset and I remember defending you, and feeling bad for you because I felt like sometimes you just didn’t realize it or didn’t know any better. I wanted to help you out and show you some guidance so that next time you met them, maybe it wouldn’t be as bad of an experience. Though I will say, I never realized it was fake hostility and I’m sure most people that you had the hostility with thought it was real as well! Haha. 

    im not going to lie, I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for Chewitt throwing me a random message. Though I’m glad he did! I got to read your messages and even this and it just brought back so much for me. 

    I will always stay young at heart! Probably because of my hyperness lol. But here is to our long lasting friendship and to say no matter how things change or how much time goes by, we will always be friends and you will always have a place in my heart!  I love you too! 😁

  5. I personally think anything to do with illusions and how best to use them as a group could be interesting. Using assets like illusions and resources always seemed to go over my head.

    Maybe because I was much younger and just blowing through things back when I use to play. But I think discussions or community involvement with illusions could open more ideas and suggestions from newer players, or those that haven’t played around with them much, could give some new perspectives on them. 

  6. I would become an MP6, but for non conventional reasons. I would become an MP6 only for the fact that it is the next step in the life of Magicduel during the story mode. I would not do it to be a protector, to be a destroyer, or to be some kind of honorary member. I would do it simply for the experience of the next step in Progression for Magicduel and that is it. My steps are purely experimental and to try all kinds of different things. Even if I may fail or dislike the experiments, I still give them a try.


    I have not done it currently for the fact that it is not part of my characters personality to ask for help from others. My reasons are purely for Character RP only. Same as why I've never joined any lands in the almost 8 years I've been playing this game. My character is a wanderer looking for a place of acceptance for him. He will NEVER request to be accepted, it is expected of others to try to actually want him to join them and to accept. It has never happened, and I don't expect it to, but that is the way of a loner character. That wanders the lands searching for not only acceptance but also for peculiar things within the world, with the goal to experiment with every clue he can find to solve the worlds, magicduels, mysteries.

  7. I couldn't care less one way or the other. The only real ones that would find it offensive are mostly people that are in your face religious people. Meaning they are the ones that try to force their beliefs on everyone else. Everyone should be right to believe what they want to believe, there is no right or wrong until proven so(by death.). So, I feel the name itself is fine, but it does bring up controversy such as this topic.

  8. What do you play a game for?

    If its for enjoyment, which feature of gaming adds to your enjoyment?

    This is not about md in particular. Game could be a board game, an outdoor game, a mind game, a videogame anything.


    The story/lore of the game.

  9. There is a screen in MD that allows you to click as if you were going to move on to the next screen, but instead it says that you can't move on because it is still being worked on. Something along those lines. I would either like to see that next area completed and implemented or just remove the ability to click on it and the error message. I just don't like having the hope that there is other places to go, but never being able to go there.


    I would also like to see the challengers steps completed, if it's not been done already. Last time I went there it was still being worked on and the puzzles were unable to be tried.

  10. Alright, thank you very much for the explanation Rikstar. Now maybe I won't just be throwing in random letters and hoping I get something right. You can find this puzzle in the lands of the East in the Piano room if you would like to see it for yourself.

  11. "All right then, if you'd quit your random whistling and help me out that would be better," he snaps. "Four more notes on each of these songs would do. I just need to get eight of them worked out, that would be enough for a recital...."

    CEFGFEC. . . .
    ADFED. . . .
    DCCE. . . . 
    DEFEF. . . .
    DBCDG. . . .
    BBCBB. . . .
    CDEBC. . . .
    EFEDC. . . .
    GGGGGGGAGAB. . . .
    DFEAACAD. . . .
    BCDDGE. . . .
    "At least 8 more to go," he mutters.

    Input the tune you whistle, starting with one of the piano man's sequences and adding four notes. Use all caps and # for sharps (don't use flats): 


    I've been trying to solve this quest for a few months now and I just can't seem to get a single one of them. I don't know anything about music, so I have no idea how to even go about solving this. Can someone either explain to me what all the notes are and what exactly a sharp is? Or even link me to somewhere that does explain this. I don't want to be given any of the answers. I just want to know how to go about solving this.

  12. As there are no right or wrong answers to this, I do like that idea of rewarding people for taking the time to participate in this. I was thinking that maybe instead of just rewarding a random person out of all of the good ones, we give a reward to everyone that makes a really educated response to this. The reward could be a silver coin to every person with an educated response to this "quest" of mine.


    See, the whole reason I am wanting to do this, is so that I can get an understanding of the way that people on here think. I'm wanting to make a themed quest much like Fyrd's pickle quest. Something that is big and takes the players throughout the realm undertaking certain puzzles and riddles. I'm wanting to make something pretty big and detailed but I also don't plan on it being completed for quite some time. I'm still thinking up the story for it at the moment, but I am hoping to get the story down soon. Then I will try to implement by the time that the theme runs around. If that is too far out then I will have it finished by that time next year. It will be more holiday themed so I want it to start during the holiday that it represents, but I also want it to be a long lasting quest that won't dissappear just because the holiday goes away.


    Also, I would like to thank you Mur for taking the time to give a response to this "quest" of mine. I was under the impression that no one was interested in it and that it was going to go ignored.

  13. I do not remember how I came here to be honest. That was 7 years ago and I was just about to start college. I do know that I found the concept to be interesting and enjoyed seeing all the scenes. I am still waiting for more scenes to be made and areas that say in progress to be finished. I believe I am sticking around just to see how those areas will turn out. If they ever get finished.

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