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  1. I now have internet

    1. Rophs


      welcome back!

    2. VertuHonagan


      Thanks, though I never really left. I just haven't had internet in 3 years. :)

    3. nadrolski


      Just in time for the party :P

  2. My laptop has broken. I will not be around much anymore.

  3. Anyone else finding everything to be impossible to load except main forums?

  4. Searching for Maebius

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    2. Maebius


      Yep, work firewalled almsot every non-intranet site, and my home PC is getting replaced soon. I'm here, in limited quantities.

    3. Jubaris


      Waiting for Godot... x)

    4. Maebius


      The great god Pan is dead, long live Pan?!? :P

  5. First riddle has been updated to be extremely simple. Enjoy.

  6. Got a question about clickables. Can someone that knows about them message me real quick please?

  7. Found a new location thanks to story but stuck there and happy with it. :)

  8. Gonna start being more active on forums now. I haven't been very active in the past and I will now try my best to keep up to date on what all is going on.

  9. Made it to MP5 now time to relax in story mode for the next 5 months.

  10. Workworkwork. Always sucks till paid. Can't wait for my big check here in thenext few weeks.Will finaly get internet.

  11. Has learned I can get on forums at work!

    1. nadrolski


      welcome to the club!

    2. Kiley


      Is jealous:P

    3. VertuHonagan


      Haha. Well thats all I can do sadly. I can't get onto the game. :( My work has generaly every game blocked.

  12. No internet anymore. Online online once or twice a week. Sad day

  13. Very happy! Today I finaly made it out of the maze, Ohayocon starts, and tomorrow is my birthday

    1. Quas


      ha*achoo*ppy bday !

    2. ChildOfTheSoul


      Try mapping it. It's a pain. :P

    3. Maebius


      nahh, mapping it is easy, but slooow. :)

  14. No internet at home and low on money. Cards will take a little longer than intended. Sorry.

  15. Sorry for the long delay Kat. I'll get your card sent out asap.

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    2. VertuHonagan


      I would have it out earlier, but been busy. I sprained my ankle at work. So been trying to take it easy. I'll have it out soon.

    3. ChildOfTheSoul


      I'm just lazy. >> Maybe I'll send out valentine's day cards to everyone instead. :P

    4. VertuHonagan


      Lol. Your silly soul. :)

  16. Mcvitie message me if you see this. I wish to speak to you. :)

  17. Pipstickz: Thanks for the head ;) Sounds like somone enjoyed themselves. Wierd thing to see as the only thing in chat.

    1. Pipstickz


      Shhh don't say it too loud or you'll scare it away.

    2. VertuHonagan


      Haha. Had to post it. :P

    3. Pipstickz


      I'm glad you did, misconceptions are fun :)

  18. Still undefeated. Keep it up Green Bay! :)

  19. Destroying plots..........

  20. Well that would explain why she "Never has time to reply back" Fenrir. :P

  21. How about team neither? Jacob is an annoying prick, and Edward is too self sacrificing.

  22. *Snuggles with Lepus.*

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