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  1. I'm on Chrome and see the same thing when I refresh my screen.
  2. I would become an MP6, but for non conventional reasons. I would become an MP6 only for the fact that it is the next step in the life of Magicduel during the story mode. I would not do it to be a protector, to be a destroyer, or to be some kind of honorary member. I would do it simply for the experience of the next step in Progression for Magicduel and that is it. My steps are purely experimental and to try all kinds of different things. Even if I may fail or dislike the experiments, I still give them a try.   I have not done it currently for the fact that it is not part of my character
  3. I couldn't care less one way or the other. The only real ones that would find it offensive are mostly people that are in your face religious people. Meaning they are the ones that try to force their beliefs on everyone else. Everyone should be right to believe what they want to believe, there is no right or wrong until proven so(by death.). So, I feel the name itself is fine, but it does bring up controversy such as this topic.
  4.   The story/lore of the game.
  5. There is a screen in MD that allows you to click as if you were going to move on to the next screen, but instead it says that you can't move on because it is still being worked on. Something along those lines. I would either like to see that next area completed and implemented or just remove the ability to click on it and the error message. I just don't like having the hope that there is other places to go, but never being able to go there.   I would also like to see the challengers steps completed, if it's not been done already. Last time I went there it was still being worked on and t
  6. And here all I do is wander around and my stuff gets broken. :P
  7. Never have I ever walked into Golemus Golemicarcum through the front gates.
  8. Never have I ever gathered herbs
  9. Thank you!   Rophs, at least it's not tomorrow! We are supposed to get rain, then sleet, and then snow. :s
  10. I would do this, but I don't really know anyone in MD well enough to pick out a song for them. Have fun with this to all in this quest. :)
  11. Alright, thank you very much for the explanation Rikstar. Now maybe I won't just be throwing in random letters and hoping I get something right. You can find this puzzle in the lands of the East in the Piano room if you would like to see it for yourself.
  12. "All right then, if you'd quit your random whistling and help me out that would be better," he snaps. "Four more notes on each of these songs would do. I just need to get eight of them worked out, that would be enough for a recital...." CEFGFEC. . . . ADFED. . . . DCCE. . . .  DEFEF. . . . DBCDG. . . . BBCBB. . . . CDEBC. . . . EFEDC. . . . GGGGGGGAGAB. . . . DFEAACAD. . . . BCDDGE. . . . "At least 8 more to go," he mutters. Input the tune you whistle, starting with one of the piano man's sequences and adding four notes. Use all caps and # for sharps (don't use flats):    I'
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