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  1. because i dont want my full face out on the internet.

  2. story finished!!! :)

    1. Magnus X

      Magnus X

      while you may find your story amusing, and im sure you only meant to entertain, please be aware that there are minors in the forum and ingame.

    2. Lorenzo


      why? what did i do???

  3. whats an angien?? is that the angel inside the egg thingy? i have 2 silvers how much would you sell it??
  4. wooow im in hahahaha!!!!! whats dans la toilette anyways? dance in the toilet???? heres mine and love bestialities
  5. is going back to alabama baby hahahaha!!!!! who wants carrot slushie???

  6. oh, so diffrent mp levels cant really attack each other?? now i know haha lolz...... no im actually 25 and if theres smt that an underage cant ask i absolutely can coz im an adult.
  7. selling my aramor with 11 won fights for 3 silver coins

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    2. Lorenzo


      oh idk that lol.. how about age??

    3. Udgard


      40% are lost on transfer

    4. Lorenzo


      40% of age? wow i wish that would be applicatble in real life hahhahahhahhahha

  8. is 90 the maximum ap?? plus how do i join an alliance??? im positive im not gonna have it now coz im kinda noob hahahahha!!! do you think maybe its because i havent finished the story mode yet?
  9. hey so i managed to defeat those swamp demons on the house of liquid dust, then i went on a temple thingy on the east, it says i need 100 ap but i only have 90???? why?? should i become an mp4 first to be able to get in?? thaaaanks!
  10. wow thanks.... where is necrovion???? is it in europe? or asia?
  11. this game is awesum but i think most of the players here are nerds and/or geeks that love nuclear science if not bestiality lol

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    2. Lorenzo


      what if i dont mention "bestiality?" would that count? and are you some kind of a magicduel overlord???? you keep pming regarding my account

    3. Chewett


      overlord? oh no, just the forum admin. Hence why im contacting you about your multiple accounts

    4. Lorenzo


      oh ok... yeah delete the thor one i dont use it anymore. then youre the forum overlord?? sweeet!!!!

  12. i keep reading this peace guy/girl... who is it sriously????
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