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  1. Why don't we just let that treasury as a treasure? It's the Artisan's treasury, and the Artisan can't choose, they're no longer exist.. Just let that treasure stay there..
  2. hey.Teddy...are.u.stalking.me?...*grins*

  3. Poppz..Since.u.there..can.u.go.across.and.send.me.some.chips?.. (dots.used..coz.of.the.broken.space.key..)
  4. The Phoenix


    he's looking for someone outside to release him from his misery
  5. The Phoenix


    Are u making a bomb?
  6. [b]Chew, Several days ago there was a player also with the Pure fountain water issue, and after some pm i realized that he already managed to found the "place" but not the "water", lots of them try to click the "in sight" water, but not the "unseen" water.[/b] Check this: "i was here before but i can't see water its just fishy and if u click cmd prop will appear !" [b]Well.. Thats his last PM to me, Just an intermezzo..Honestly that was just an unlucky moment for him i think..LOL [/b]
  7. [size="2"][b]Whooaaa...That's a poem about me![/b][/size]
  8. [b][size="2"]Heh? Is that true? I mean capping the MP3 in purpose? If u mean attack mp3 (newbies or not) and causing the capped..that's not a matter, MP3 have rights to use angiens as long they can afford to buy them, if this topic created to forcing him advance then use other reasonable thing, yes yes..i understand what u "mean" inside this but.. This is not fair, so i'm trying to be objective here, i'm surely disagree about forcing other to cap, and February definetely capped now but that not automatically make him can't attack anyone, no any rules said that..[/size][/b]
  9. [quote name='freelancer' timestamp='1282870174' post='67099'] I dont get it. Why is everybody, especially the vets, being so negative about this post? Is it so bad that you got your asses kicked by a mp3? Is it because you always have to be the over powered ones? Maybe it hurted your feelings when February defeated your creatures? You vets should know better than any1 that losing is a part of this game, a very important part too. So why are you all treating this post so negatively? [/quote] I'm not a vet btw, even Nadrolski and February are my friends and training partner, still i cant accept this..U wanna know why me and others being so negative bout this post? Because the Post IS the negative thing from almost all side of this game, Not about the fun..I personally dont care about any of the ass kicking matter, its a game, there will be a winner and looser, but the other side : - This is a ritual spoiling. - A maximum low level power exploration spoiling which may cause u dont need to enjoy the game on higher level anymore (and that will be screwing the system), if u pick not to advance with ur super power then stay and keep it for ur self, dont try to start a little crack and hope for others noob to follow u. - It's definetely wrong section, more proper if u put this in the "Extreme MD" section. [quote name='freelancer' timestamp='1282870174' post='67099'] You think it is easy for February, a mp3 player to get that much stats and enough xp for those angiens? With the 380k xp cap, it takes extreme patience, time, and a deep understanding of the mechanism of this game to achieve that. I am not saying grinding is good, nor its fun, but come on.. how many mp3 do you know that can defeat those vets? Only February…. So that is something. He might not have done it the way you expect him to, and why should he if he does not like your way. [/quote] Maybe not easy for newbies.. Thats why he and probably some of us should keep that clean as possible. If u dare enough to allow him to dislike the others way, so u may let the others to dislike his way and post [quote name='freelancer' timestamp='1282870174' post='67099'] And to those who think the pictures that nad posted are considered spoilers... o come on. Are you kidding me? They are just pictures of some crits, I mean it does not even tell you what kind of creature is it, nor does it tell you what the creatures can do. They are just pictures for god’s sakes. To new players…they are no more than a glimpse of what is the future of this game has to offer. Those creatures can motivate new mp3s to keep playing. But if the pictures are really too much for you, then I honestly do not know what to say, except that it is ridiculous. Or is that too much of a spoiler for you ?[/quote] Once again, personally i think thats kinda spoiling, cant blame u if u dont know what to say, if u playing more longer and finally understand about that later, u can re-post again in this topic someday. [quote name='freelancer' timestamp='1282870174' post='67099'] And lastly to those who says they are not impressed, Nad and feb are not trying to impress anyone. I doubt they even care what you vets think. The real reason they made this post is to motivate the relatively new players. That the fighting system in this game is not just about losing and skill damage, if they work hard enough, they do not have to hide or kill off their creatures to avoid skill damage, because victories can be achieved. A mp3 defeating mp5 vets is the best example of that.[/quote] Yes they're try to impress all, btw..Do i know u? or probably u are close enough with them both? if u're then u should know them better..YES they're try to impress all, how do i know? because it said to me before, if u noticed my first reply, u'll noticed there's something behind it. [quote name='freelancer' timestamp='1282870174' post='67099'] So before you give me those negative reps, think deep down why you are doing it.[/quote] I dont like it so i give a neg rep for it, and also for ur's too...Just Simple as that. [size="2"][size="2"][b]Edit: Tarquinus fast as hell![/b][/size][/size]
  10. [b][size="2"]This is the 2nd time Nad, I thought u'll keep the words u said to me before, this is so sad.. The most sad part is using nadrolski to put that things, why dont just use february to put that? And..The point is...? Damn, this is lame.., that may impress the newbies but surely not impressing "us" at all.. (Sorry my friend, another -1 from me for any of ur reason to putting that up..)[/size][/b]
  11. The Phoenix

    Phoenix For The Sky Army

    So..My Avatar Inspired by... Me.... ='P
  12. [b][size="2"]1 Gold for Angien 1 and angien 2, perhaps u may put that as... 7 silvers for Angien 1 and 8 silvers for Angien 2?[/size][/b]
  13. [b][size="2"]Hmm..So i assumed i have to Re-Bid...Again..[/size][/b] [b][size="2"]4 Silvers For Cronos[/size][/b]
  14. [b][size="2"]Hello The Great Z..! Happy Birthday..[/size][/b]
  15. [b][size="2"]I just can't understand, why should that kind of thing ended up in here nad..[/size][/b]
  16. [quote name='apophys' date='06 August 2010 - 08:05 PM' timestamp='1281125140' post='65296'] If I am missing critical information, I'm sure one of the involved can clear it up. [/quote] [b][size="2"]Well, yes i'm surely can clear it up Apo but i think this is not a proper thing to talk about in this topic..[/size][/b]
  17. Greetings, Ok this my official report about the BHC Contest, i know there are already 2 new topic related but i'll try to gather all issues so far into this one with more specific data to avoid the off topic post and hopefully will get a more serious attention in the future (hopefully getting fixed), and also kinda funny coincidence which from all the bugs reported, my name was always there.. [b][size="2"]1. The Non force head take over (already posted/reported by Mr Mystery earlier)[/size][/b] Everyone may take enemies head by attacking them even without any alive creatures/no creatures, and in some case if repeated between 2 player for several times by the same way the head dissapeared without traces. [b][size="2"]2. Heads take over by non contestant player[/size][/b] Well, it happened atleast i was getting attacked by 2 players from the same MP level with me which not participating on the BHC,they able to take my head, even 1 of them able to take all my heads. [b][size="2"]3. Head Dissapeared 1 (Already posted by Pipstickz earlier)[/size][/b] Crossed time between 2 victorious ritual attack between 2 players (in this case Pip and me). Pip was try to attack me with his single creature ritual but i managed to attack him first not more than 1 second before his attack, i kill his def which also included 1 creature that he going to use for attacking me, i take all the heads and in the same time he attack me with that single creature which supposed to be dead and can't be use as single creature ritual, he took all the heads back but only severals, i check all my heads are gone and he just got around 25% from the heads, in that case almost 100 heads are dissapeared without traces. [b][size="2"]4. Head Dissapeared 2 (Already posted by Mr Mystery)[/size][/b] It happened when Mr Mystery managed to get 12 consecutive wins againts me so will be able to activating the burst, after the number 12 wins he activated the burst which was right on the same time with the score counter regenated, he lost half of his heads and not getting the score counted too, we both was online at the same time and place which my heads amount are fine and get the score counted as normal. I dont know what the related between the burst and the score counter, but i surely remember that the burst was activated on the same time with the counter regenerated and the burst was the only thing that happened at that time. (btw i also read the same post from Eon but i'm not sure if he also experienced the same thing with Mr Mystery) ps: For all related players in case please correct me if there's a wrong and add something that probably i missed
  18. [b][size="2"]Hmm.. Ok, i'll switch my offer for Astrea to Cronos then..[/size][/b] [b][size="2"]So it will be 4 Silvers for Baal and 4 Silvers for Cronos, thank you..[/size][/b]
  19. [quote name='Mr Mystery' date='09 August 2010 - 10:49 AM' timestamp='1281350987' post='65451'] I get the point. But you dont get the motive. All you care about is winning. There are other ways to ahve fun around with this contest. [/quote] [size="2"][b]In fact i was in the middle of the fun until u start that "Alakazam heads poof" thing around..[/b] [/size]
  20. [quote name='Mr Mystery' date='09 August 2010 - 10:31 AM' timestamp='1281349861' post='65446'] Am i going to lie, and say no its not a bug?. What point is there to not tell what it is. [/quote] [b][size="2"]I see u really dont get about the point here, i personally dont care about u and of course the bug which not been fixed yet, i just care about how u use/abuse it..The bug is there and just a matter of choice to use it or not.. [/size][/b]
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