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  1. hey.Teddy...are.u.stalking.me?...*grins*

  2. The Phoenix


    he's looking for someone outside to release him from his misery
  3. The Phoenix


    Are u making a bomb?
  4. The Phoenix

    Phoenix For The Sky Army

    So..My Avatar Inspired by... Me.... ='P
  5. LOL..Thank you Popp! ^^

  6. Yo! Feathery Bear! Never expecting that i also stalking u even in the forum hah? Buahahaaa!

  7. Unbelievable..My creatures are playing poker, and surprisingly..My grasan always had a bad lose..tsk tsk tsk..

  8. Hmm..1st Comment post? You better doing something for get more, i can teach you how to do that...In a Fastlane!

    Beside that.. Welcome to the land of Magic.. :)

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