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  1. Why don't we just let that treasury as a treasure? It's the Artisan's treasury, and the Artisan can't choose, they're no longer exist.. Just let that treasure stay there..
  2. hey.Teddy...are.u.stalking.me?...*grins*

  3. Poppz..Since.u.there..can.u.go.across.and.send.me.some.chips?.. (dots.used..coz.of.the.broken.space.key..)
  4. The Phoenix


    he's looking for someone outside to release him from his misery
  5. The Phoenix


    Are u making a bomb?
  6. [b]Chew, Several days ago there was a player also with the Pure fountain water issue, and after some pm i realized that he already managed to found the "place" but not the "water", lots of them try to click the "in sight" water, but not the "unseen" water.[/b] Check this: "i was here before but i can't see water its just fishy and if u click cmd prop will appear !" [b]Well.. Thats his last PM to me, Just an intermezzo..Honestly that was just an unlucky moment for him i think..LOL [/b]
  7. [size="2"][b]Whooaaa...That's a poem about me![/b][/size]
  8. [b][size="2"]Heh? Is that true? I mean capping the MP3 in purpose? If u mean attack mp3 (newbies or not) and causing the capped..that's not a matter, MP3 have rights to use angiens as long they can afford to buy them, if this topic created to forcing him advance then use other reasonable thing, yes yes..i understand what u "mean" inside this but.. This is not fair, so i'm trying to be objective here, i'm surely disagree about forcing other to cap, and February definetely capped now but that not automatically make him can't attack anyone, no any rules said that..[/size][/b]
  9. [quote name='freelancer' timestamp='1282870174' post='67099'] I dont get it. Why is everybody, especially the vets, being so negative about this post? Is it so bad that you got your asses kicked by a mp3? Is it because you always have to be the over powered ones? Maybe it hurted your feelings when February defeated your creatures? You vets should know better than any1 that losing is a part of this game, a very important part too. So why are you all treating this post so negatively? [/quote] I'm not a vet btw, even Nadrolski and February are my friends and training partner, still i cant acce
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