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  1. hope everyone has a merry christmas...thanks for the presents big guy.

  2. happy [i]belated[/i] birthday, dark lady. ...wasn't around the past couple o' days.
  3. congrats Pamplemousse, i couldn't imagine a better Queen.
  4. Happy bday birthday bud. I am humbled a younger, more evil champion of the 23 rd exists. I vow to up my evil significantly this year!
  5. haha, thanks. you beat out the brother who lives with me, your practically family. then again, he kinda said it as a way to pass the time between polishing off a sammich and cracking open a beer, so that doesn't mean much.

  6. thanks gang, for a second, the remnants of my once beating heart started up. ...don't worry the moment passed.
  7. ...howdy.

    good stuff, with the legend speakers and helping revive story night. hopefully i'll get my lazy arse in gear and put something together for the next one.

  8. thanks for the kind words, man. see ya around.

  9. thanks gang. and the Johnny Depp references...are for a special someone.
  10. i dunno exactly what it's for, but i liked it all the same. i thought the parts about "dying day" and then "grim friendship" sounded pretty cool.
  11. [b]the following is a rant about the evils of God-Modding.[/b] pretentious and self-serving...oh, yes. if you think this is referencing you, i'm sure it's just your imagination. if your positive it's you, then...whoops. same rules apply as [i]"the path"[/i]. [attachment=1940:godmodding is lame.ppt] after downloading click view>slide show then left click to move forward *laughs* yeah i know. i'll try to find a different format other than ppt in the future.
  12. never heard that song before, i like it.

  13. my house had a bar, was across the street from the stadium, and i had two female roommates...and they had friends. i'm surprised i ever left.
  14. *edit...if you go, just make sure to attend class. [i]random college factoids[/i] -your college can hook you up with part time jobs to work around your class schedule and a list of scholarships...hit up their offices. -talk to your guidance counselor often, sucks, but he/she'll keep you on track. (fyi - i didn't) -summer classes are usually easier. -don't take more than 12 credits per semester your first year, or a class before 9:30am...hmmm, the last one might just be me.
  15. if your an old-school gamer and can still stand to watch Michael Cera for a couple of hours, you'll like "Scott Pilgrim"

  16. -first 3 Foundation books were great and only read the first of the Dune books, also amazing. my top 4 sci-fi books. Ender's Game is up there though, maybe rounds out the top 5. -Zelda, Ocarina of Time...just had to beat the water temple for my niece a couple o' weeks ago, and i forgot how much that part sucked. worse when your dropped in the middle of what she was already doing...like 15 years after i beat it. some friends just bought me the one with the train on DS. -Dan Brown, i knew a chick in college who said she went to Exeter when Brown taught there...kinda crazy...never read hi
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