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  1. nope just rather say hey to you :P

  2. hope everyone has a merry christmas...thanks for the presents big guy.

  3. happy [i]belated[/i] birthday, dark lady. ...wasn't around the past couple o' days.
  4. congrats Pamplemousse, i couldn't imagine a better Queen.
  5. Happy bday birthday bud. I am humbled a younger, more evil champion of the 23 rd exists. I vow to up my evil significantly this year!
  6. ... Odd. Very odd indeed. :c

  7. haha, thanks. you beat out the brother who lives with me, your practically family. then again, he kinda said it as a way to pass the time between polishing off a sammich and cracking open a beer, so that doesn't mean much.

  8. thanks gang, for a second, the remnants of my once beating heart started up. ...don't worry the moment passed.
  9. Was it you who added me on yahoo..?

  10. ...howdy.

    good stuff, with the legend speakers and helping revive story night. hopefully i'll get my lazy arse in gear and put something together for the next one.


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