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  1. keida!! hey!! :P *giggle*

  2. happy birthday mr mur! *gives you some lollypops, cake & a hugg*
  3. i'd love to join but how much of a committment will this be?
  4. ooooh this sounds like fun! count me in, if it's not too late! if you want a card from me pm me & i'll send one in return
  5. lepus

    Silly Rl Realm

    okay so some of you may have noticed that this lollypop throwing 4 year old hasn't been around as much. sill rl realm has got in the way! from the 1st of october my studies started again (websites were open from the middle of september). i still love md realm & still very much want to be a part of this realm but i just won't be around as much as i was. i hope you are all doing well *huggs & lollypops* lepus xxx
  6. today's pictures seen [url="http://purplybunny.blogspot.com/2010/08/back-home-miss-anya-kitten-random.html"]here[/url] kitten has eyes open!!
  7. i know dst! miss anya had two but one didn't survive but this one is thriving!! i took pics earlier today have yet to upload them will let you all know when i have done so! it is seriously cute to see them together! edit: i've updated my blog with today's photographs [url="http://purplybunny.blogspot.com/2010/08/miss-anya-kitten-update.html"]blog entry[/url]
  8. hey all, my cat miss anya had a kitten! pics can be seen [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/purple_lepus/4910669633/in/set-72157624549337085/"]here[/url] updates are on my blog about the pair daily or every other day so if you're interested keep an eye on my [url="http://purplybunny.blogspot.com/"]blog[/url] i wanted to make sure the wee kitten would survive before i posted. wee kitten is thriving & miss anya has taken well to motherhood lepus xxx
  9. good new for firs? & other whiskey drinkers! *giggle* [url="http://www.care2.com/greenliving/whisky-powered-cars-for-scotland.html"]article[/url] i know they haven't spell whiskey properly & yes it isn't in our homeland firs, but close enough and worth a mention (so i thought anyway!!) & this isn't a joke either, i personally think it's a good idea - better than that "chip fat" stuff going around at the moment anyway.
  10. lepus


    i'm currently studying towards a Bsc (Honours) in Technolgy, at the moment anyway! have already changed my degree once. am studying part time through the OU (open university) this is my fourth year will have another few to do but am doing for myself and it's fun am enjoying it. it allows me to work full time and study & i get grants from the OU too 'cause am "special" lol but anyway, i couldn't have gone to university after i left school anyway, so i went to the local technical college, got what i needed & started working in admin (aged 17) and as i said only four years ago i d
  11. happy birthyday goatboy!! *gives you a handful of lollypops & a big hugg*
  12. i'm not colour blind (but i have other underlying issues) & i find it difficult to read, good to hear am not the only one.
  13. *spits into cup* BLEAGH!!! cold coffee!! :(

    1. death ray

      death ray

      i like cold coffee!

  14. lepus


    i'd love to see pics phantasm!!
  15. lepus


    no probs and thank you
  16. lepus


    i was playing with candle wax earlier [url="http://purply-bunz.deviantart.com/gallery/#candle-wax"]clicky[/url]
  17. lepus


    yes plastic canvas counts i came across a few pieces of cross-stitch when i was sorting out my material for storage so will take pics of them later do you have any pics of your plastic canvas creations lady morwen?
  18. lepus


    i was babysitting today and looking after my cousin's 12yr old girl "c" we done some crafts here is the result: [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/purple_lepus/sets/72157624667250560/"]crafting with "c"[/url] & a wee fun pic [url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/purple_lepus/4866055443/in/set-72157624471551341/"]miss anya[/url]
  19. i like lollypops

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    2. lepus


      why is it odd to like lollypops?

      lollypops are awesome sauce!!!

    3. death ray
    4. lepus
  20. gobble, gobble" i've just eaten a turkey egg! it was yummy :D

  21. i got the phantom of the opera soundtrack on cd today!! i freaking love phantom of the opera!! :D

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