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    northern ireland
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    tattoos - i have several myself, gaming, technology - i am currently working towards a BSc (Honours) in Technology with the open university, making crafts, supporter of rugby union.

    anything else you want to know about me just ask :)
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  1. *hugs her* nice to see you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. keida!! hey!! :P *giggle*

  3. LEPUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i haven't said hello here, to you...

    silly girl i am :))

    so..hello :D

  5. *spits into cup* BLEAGH!!! cold coffee!! :(

    1. death ray

      death ray

      i like cold coffee!

  6. i like lollypops

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    2. lepus


      why is it odd to like lollypops?

      lollypops are awesome sauce!!!

    3. death ray
    4. lepus
  7. gobble, gobble" i've just eaten a turkey egg! it was yummy :D

  8. i got the phantom of the opera soundtrack on cd today!! i freaking love phantom of the opera!! :D

  9. onto cup number 2 of caffeine :D

  10. good to know am not alone mama lepus has said that i am on md too much i don't know what she means though!!
  11. caffeine is the true drink of the gods!!

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