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  1. And here I come again with the same example as given in previous post: what if someone makes 10 alts, each of them with the purpose of capping newbs? How would any of those 3 options help the newbs? And since those are alts with a set purpose, none of those penalties will matter. To cap newbs at MP3 doesn't really requires allot of VE. with low VE but multiple attacks, it is quite easy to cap a newb. it's not even necessary to use angiens. suicidal attack with crits that doesn't do any dmg, if attacker have a burst and if defender happens to have a life stealer in defense, the defender could g
  2. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1283189923' post='67382'] How many times do I need to repeat this: mp3 is the TUTORIAL for god's sake! MP4 helps you to get deeper into the game. [u]MP5 is the mind power where you have to be in order to experience everything![/u] Also, creating a new GGG for mp4s only is not the solution. It's not even a solution. And what's worst is not that you and a bunch of other guys "train" separately (after all it's your business) but you lure new players into that "project" of yours. You think you can beat an mp5 by staying in mp4 and grind attack and defense? How wrong
  3. [quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1283035424' post='67259'] stats cap is too hard restriction i am considering sac limlt and an admistrative item for pushing to next mp but with a low reuse rate no jail or punishment for february, no fixing of affected players (too hard to check all and be fair) cap count sound also good but i fear its complicated to do especially on defence keep telling your thought on that thnx [/quote] This was the last post of Mur. sac limit will only affect new players, whille some older players already have high vitality, enough to cap others using a
  4. [quote name='Shadowseeker' timestamp='1283182680' post='67375'] It isn't a huge problem, because if someone were to do that en masse that player would get punished. I am one of those who could cap you. Do I do it? No. And I can cap you as well with you being outside of alliance btw, and I know you are an mp4. The thing you suggest isn#t even a solution, because no matter what newbies might still click attack..they dont know about exp and cap. So the defense rit would still cap them. And the code you suggest is altering the combat system so greatly, that it will most likely never get
  5. "There is no need of pop up singn, or flag, or any other indicator. The amount of vitality is more than enough to inform the attacker that the character he/she intends to attack is dangerous, and could cap him. New players just need to be informed about the risk, so that they can avoid it. But this would mean restricting the use of angiens in PvP attack rituals for MP3 and MP4 (except for contests). If this restriction could be coded (so that the system doesn't allow the use of angiens in attack rits, the rit that contains at least an angien will automatically be flagged as defense rit, and no
  6. it seems that allot of ppl (except Burns, of course) disagree the idea of giving to some ppl the power to lvl up players. Well, in case you haven't noticed, everybody can gain the power of caping ppl, and that was already proven by February. This is almost equal with the power to lvl up others (the only difference is that the caped player decides if he will lvl up or continue playing at the same MP lvl without gains, or restart with a new char). This power must be taken away. February not only that must not be punished. He should even be rewarded for proving the fact that the fighting syste
  7. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1283107322' post='67309'] Also, another thing that glitched your mind, i haven't ever intended to use means that might hurt anybody who doesn't deserve it. My attacks are unholy smart, not traps little newbies can fall into. If i try to cap, say, Bronzometh, Bronzometh gets capped. And all the people around Bronzometh don't even know i was there. When february wants to beat, say, dst, dst might be beaten. And 2-3 mp3 who are not aware of the threat get hit, too, and much more devasting than dst. [/quote] This is not an excuse. The fact that you and February
  8. [quote name='Burns' timestamp='1283084955' post='67290'] Exactly my point. Newbies don't need more than 5k VE, if at all. When they get to mp5, they can still get more if they feel like. [/quote] ppl will need to increase their vitality before getting to MP5 because at MP5 there already are allot of ppl that have high vitality. Same goes for stats. new players are forced to stay at lower MP lvls because they need VE and stats before advancing to MP5, because it will be allot harder for them to get the VE and stats at MP5 than MP4 (I don't know how they do that at MP3 - it seems to me that
  9. Sac limit is not a good idea, because it will be a great disadvantage for new players since they will have no chance to greatly improve their VE, while the old players will still have high amounts of VE. New players deserves to have the same rights that the old players had, otherwise their living will be much harder than it already is. Considering that one day a new player will get to MP5, the game will already be very hard for him/her just because of the age difference between them and the vets. And the new players that will join, in 2011 will have even harder playing than those who joined ye
  10. [quote name='Burns' date='05 August 2010 - 05:38 PM' timestamp='1281022689' post='65156'] You actually signed up to rules saying that things change, and your account can be damaged in the process, without warning and/or refund. Perpetual Alpha tells it all, doesn't it? [/quote] Indeed, allot of things changed since I signed up(and I am only 110 days old). But there was nothing major. Small changes here and there doesn't bother me. What you propose is a major change, and is very rigid. This will limit the strategy options allot, making the game uninteresting. MagicDuel is not something for
  11. [quote name='No one' date='04 August 2010 - 09:16 AM' timestamp='1280906190' post='65045'] How can you or any "player with voting access" would be credited with the right to vote when you have no idea on what it means. If you want to vote, vote a president. This is not a democracy it is a Murocracy. At this moment (with under 1 year of activity) I would suggest you to try to understand the game instead of changing it. Have fun and live well. [/quote] I don't remember saying that the ideas with most votes should be implemented. Of course Mur decides what changes will be done. I did
  12. @no one: Certainly, strong ppl are unbalanced because they have too many wins. But is easy for them to get balanced. They don't even need to do anything except staying idle and waiting to get the losses. But for those who are unbalanced because of the 1K more losses, it is allot more difficult, not only because they need to get 900 wins, and get no reward while doing that, but they will also get losses again because of strong players (Burns suggested that unbalanced ppl will not get a loss if they are killed in round 0, but when they become balanced again, things will change back to normal). E
  13. When I red the 1st post, I actually liked the idea of extending the balance with different percentages, and thought there will be more good ideas from Burns. But I was very disappointed after I red the whole post (and the next posts). I think that ppl don't care about the balance because it might be hard to keep it, and by the proposed extension (based on percentages), since it will be easier to stay more or less balanced after more hundreds fights, more ppl will try to stay balanced. If they can, of course, because those who already have 1K more losses than wins, will be out of balance for
  14. quote from Trophy Heads contest statistics: "any strategy is allowed" that being said, I guess there is no way to cheat, because everything is allowed. winning 1st place in a HC takes allot of training, collecting powerful crits, eventually token them. But it takes time to achieve that. Some ppl don't participate in this contest until they know they can win 1st place, because, since a character is allowed to get a prize only once, some ppl wants the 1st prize at any cost. So, most likely, there will always be a veteran to win 1st place in a HC, because that veteran did not participate in a
  15. well, I might have some ideas about how to improve and enforce MDP. Probably they are silly, maybe even illegal, but I will post them anyway: How to enforce: 1.those who repeatedly break the rules, should be posted on another signpost, so that everyone knows. whoever see them in MDP will be free to attack them, and the newbies could run away, until the danger is gone. 2. If a signpost is too much, then there could be a group of volunteers who should be informed who are the rules breakers, and kill them whenever they enter MDP (I recommend using alts against them as well, if this is not
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