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  1. I got back the last bp i sold, so im selling again. Age 26days no tokens. [b]Starting bid: 10sc[/b] (cheaper than last time) Auction would end 48hours after the first bid. so bid away
  2. Character name: Nera Newest citizen to the land of Marind Bell.
  3. Nera

    Wts A Bp

    WTS a Bloodpact Heretic Archer age9 no tokens [b]starting bid: 12sc[/b] aution ends 48 hours after first bid
  4. 37. Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough, you can have anything you want... just not a wish point. 38. Always watch your vital energy. It is bad luck to let your ve drop below zero, bad things would start happening if you do. 39. Be cautious when playing Magic Duel, the game is constantly trying to influence players subconsciously. 40. You will be forever changed when you have solved the Broken Pattern Puzzle. edit: now that i read them again.. these 4 are not that funny and kinda lame too
  5. 24. If your grasan is fat, you are not getting enough exercise.
  6. 20. Nobody cares about spoilers...the no spoilers rule is really just there to annoy you... especially newbies.
  7. hello ..where are my priest? kkkkkkkkk

  8. with so many people selling the same creatures with more age than mine after my initial post... I have decided to make my shop a little more attractive... Added tokened joker and UP for sell
  9. I can offer 1sc for each pimpy, so total of 2sc for 2 of your pimped grasans
  10. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1281872704' post='66198'] 4 fresh pimps. You can even provide the grasan you want to be pimped. [/quote] Hi there.. does that mean you have 4 pimped grasans for sale as well?
  11. WTS the following: creature..........current bid 1.) [s]Joker age 99 no tokens[/s].... SOLD 2.) Joker age 24 with goldbelt, sunshine, blooddrop1, blooddrop2..... 7sc by Throm McLeod 3.) [s]Unholy Priest age 148 no tokens[/s].... SOLD 4.) [s]Unholy Priest age 148 with claw1[/s].... SOLD Please post offers (edit: added more creatures for sell)
  12. Camburu a town in Romania http://nona.net/features/map/placedetail.915543/Camburu/ also a river of São Paulo state in southeastern Brazil http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camburu_River
  13. I really like the idea of having a non-combat skill we can level, it sounds fun and exciting, but one thing is discouraging me from signing up. I am a MP4 player and I found out that if I join a guild, it would be like joining an alliance, and i would be opened to attacks from all other alliance members, and i dont think i can defend myself from MP5s alliance member's attacks. So is there anyway we can join a guild, which has nothing to do with fighting, without putting a "kick me" sign on our back to alliance members?
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