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  1. ...And the mome raths outgrabe~

    1. VonUngernSternberg


      ...e il momico rattio superiava...

    2. Fyrd Argentus
  2. Sorry, but those of us without super mod powers cannot tell when something's a bug or not- this is why there's a bug forum to address these things. Sheesh.

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      yes, from your own definition list here ya go: ---(psychoanalysis) a combination of emotions and impulses that have been rejected from awareness but still influence a person's behavior -----

      I said it, so it's kinda stupid trying to find another meaning, when I told you what I meant with it.

  3. Since Marind is a ghost from the beginning, I don't know how anyone can stipulate that she's alive at any point. She's dead when you begin the story and she stays that way. [size="1"]edited for typos.[/size]
  4. PARADOX. Sorry guys. :(

  5. ^The isolated example I used in my last post was to show that it isn't always a cycle and thus diverse enough to not fall into cyclicty, etc. Death has so many variations, as your example shows, and that's why I think it's principle worthy.
  6. ^ Again, not all forms of death run in a cycle. Some things do simply end, therefore it cannot be any sort of loop. Death is a multifaceted thing, and due to its diversity and inevitability in a plethora of forms, I thought it worthy of suggestion.
  7. Principle of Death. Death is broad and comes in many forms- death of a view, of an idea, of people, plants, and animals.....death of the mind. The death of planets and realms....the death of stars. It is endless. One could say that death is only an aspect of cyclicity, but there's much more to it than that. In some forms of death, there IS a cycle- human death and rebirth for example. But in the death of ideas, or the death of the mind (brain dead, for example), there is not always another beginning from such things. In those instances, things can just end. I think death is very val
  8. So how 'bout them ruskie spies?

  9. LOL my DNA signature is now DIGITAL!! xD

  10. some cat is moaning piteously outside... :/

  11. Oh story mode, how I vaguely loath thee with thine constant reprieves...

  12. But then why is it so delicious???? D:

  13. It was my sent limit I maxed, not my space! ;)

  14. Thank you very much!

  15. Perhaps the missing papers that were mentioned before have little to do with what the book actually is. Perhaps there actually are seven, and it has to do with destination, as a cube itself also has to do with destination. [spoiler]To get to anywhere in space and time, one must have six points- one on each wall of a cube- to create the destination, and one point outside of the cube as the point of origin. If we are all inside of one cube already- busted open or not- we would need to know the coordinates of the destination cube (aka what represents each wall of the other cube we're trying to
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