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  1. ...And the mome raths outgrabe~

    1. VonUngernSternberg


      ...e il momico rattio superiava...

    2. Fyrd Argentus
  2. Sorry, but those of us without super mod powers cannot tell when something's a bug or not- this is why there's a bug forum to address these things. Sheesh.

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    2. Jubaris
    3. dst
    4. Jubaris


      yes, from your own definition list here ya go: ---(psychoanalysis) a combination of emotions and impulses that have been rejected from awareness but still influence a person's behavior -----

      I said it, so it's kinda stupid trying to find another meaning, when I told you what I meant with it.

  3. PARADOX. Sorry guys. :(

  4. So how 'bout them ruskie spies?

  5. LOL my DNA signature is now DIGITAL!! xD

  6. some cat is moaning piteously outside... :/

  7. Oh story mode, how I vaguely loath thee with thine constant reprieves...

  8. But then why is it so delicious???? D:

  9. It was my sent limit I maxed, not my space! ;)

  10. Thank you very much!

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