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  1. Consider the missing two months completed. I'll be compiling the last of my books of days hopefully by next weekend since I'll have to type out everything by hand- I'm not at home at the moment but out of town for a doctor's appointment. A week and a half after that my editing and formatting should be finished and I'll submit the finished product to the powers that be- I'm assuming Rendril since this will have to do with MD coding.
  2. Hey guys- just as I was ready to start compiling properly, finals hit, and then the holidays. I've been compiling old books using my university library that have world events of the days- some of the books dating very old- that I've been collecting to use for the days where information's been hard to find. Z, if you'd like to work with me to help in compiling and formatting, I could certainly use it. I'll go ahead and send you a PM. Again, sorry for the delay- real life's a bitch. -A
  3. I agree with everything that's already been said, so I'll just go ahead and add the time consumption issue- It was projected that the awards ceremony would take up two hours, and I was prepared for that, but instead it ended up running for near three full hours and mostly because people wanted to goof off in a setting with a large audience and undercut the awards staff, which was neither fair to grido, dst, and the others, nor to the rest of the audience who was very quietly waiting for things to proceed- often times taking over five minutes to get to the next category after the acceptance spe
  4. Aysun

    Recipe Swap

    My friend and I borrowed this from a website and made some various changes to the recipe, otherwise the original can be found [url=http://www.syvum.com/cgi/online/serve.cgi/recipes/easy/cookev3.tdf?0]here[/url]. Vegetarian Indian Curry- approved by a very dear friend of mine from Pakistan. 2 tablespoons olive oil 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin powder 4 medium red potatoes unpeeled and cubed small. 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder 1 teaspoon onion powder (also add to taste) 1 teaspoon coriander powder 1/2 teaspoon hot spice mix (garam masala) 2 tomatoes chopped 1/3 small yellow onio
  5. The waves were crashing, pounding against the cliffs-- angry as if demanding the walls to fall into its body, hungry and consuming. Above, staring at those waves, was a figure peering superiorly down upon those waves, perhaps thinking to itself of nothing as its gaze pierced beneath the surface of the water and began to idly imagine what might lie below. It took a step back and shifted its gaze to the sky as two birds soared past, dancing in the gale that blew off of the cliff and down into the froth as the waves smacked against the stone, sending heaps of white up and over the sheer rock and
  6. I had no idea my post was made into a separate thread- whoever made it could've given me a heads up as I've got a lot of catching up to do, but even so I'll do my best to address some of the larger ideas presented; forgive me if I do not get too detailed. @dst: With regards to the rebel system and Mur, I was in a position for the first time ever to actually have some sort of say regarding the current state of my character. If I had not been in that position and proposed the idea, who knows how seriously it might've been taken? Considering the drastic situation, it happened to fit the event t
  7. I did NOT quote incorrectly, Jester changed his stance multiple times to end in the final result. That he cannot state a solid opinion on things isn't something I can control. I have blamed no one for any 'mistake' considering I do not see what 'mistake' you're talking about- could you be clearer if you'd like it addressed? With regards to your points, they miss the actual points completely. King is not a free license to abandon the responsibilities of a monarch once you get the crown or even later on down the road, being nice or bad has nothing to do with Necrovion to begin with so that poi
  8. ^ I think a significant thing is that MD does not have the mechanics one would normally first think upon to try and use to cause havoc- we cannot raid a place, we cannot kill anyone, we cannot destroy structures, we cannot set up destructive structures to cause damage to opposition, etc. Basically, we can sit around, plan, foment, and complain at the gates and that's about it. I know one person had an idea to leak liquid dust about no man's land simply to cause havoc, but how would that be done outside of roleplay that a handful of people may or may not see or even take seriously? Such a thing
  9. [quote]However, a citizen shouldn't expect the king to chase them down to check on things. Kings aren't mind readers either. A citizen should approach the king with a land relating project like wish point awards or forming groups that take a name from the land.[/quote] The irony, Mya, is that all these things were done before everything went downhill. It was Jester's severe lack of follow-through and inactivity in the land that caused such widespread frustration. As for the new rules feature, I think it has potential- not just to make things clear and referenceable, but also as something
  10. [quote name='Kamisha' timestamp='1292485298' post='75570'] I guess the bottom line like most of us and myself previously felt is that the rebel system was made to take the human element out. The actual use of the rebel system should be put to rest as to allow the human element to assess better than just walking through necro and then make a decision depending on what facts have taken place in the time being. [/quote] The problem with this 'human element' is that it is not reliable if the people using it must rely on an outside person to *maybe* do something in response. The people themselv
  11. For the fourth round! I thought about putting it into the 5th dimension, but that's bordering on convoluted and overkill for just this I think, haha. [attachment=2437:t4.png]
  12. I've been avoiding this thread because it got a bit silly with other people bringing up old personal issues to throw at old foes (or so it seems- I can only judge by what's been said here), but overall my position is and has been this: A citizen, not the king, started a quest. A citizen was ordered to bias whose entries they accepted according to the king's bias. Since they are prize provider, I concede that this is fair enough. Since the issue has turned INTO that, I have never had a problem with THAT SPECIFIC logic- however this was not the original problem. The ORIGINAL problem as depic
  13. [quote name='Pipstickz' timestamp='1292374540' post='75464'] Out of curiosity, (let's pretend that they had separate roles n' stuff >>) Pipstickz is a citizen of Necrovion, could MRPip rebel against GG? Or could they both be rebels in different lands? The announcement wasn't so clear about such details, and I know; better safe than sorry stuff, just wondering. [/quote] In theory, no, MRPip could not rebel because only your main, Pipstickz, would have the right to being the main account. At least this is how it was explained to me by the staff.
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