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  1. [font="Book Antiqua"]Carefully thought out and well-designed. Perfectly compensates for viscosity. ~Amaranth[/font]
  2. Rhaegar-magic brought you back! ^^

    Even if it's only for several days, welcome back :)

    I missed our conversations.

  3. Memory is an unlit chamber, often containing more than you first imagine...

  4. Why thank you! You kind of just brought me back to life, as it were, thanks to the notification your below comment sent to my inbox... Life with a capital "L" has slowed down somewhat, now that summer has set in, and I believe I may indeed have time to make a reappearance in MD, for a couple weeks at least. :)

  5. if you ever get back... Happy Birthday x)

  6. Thank you. I decided that since I intend to stick around I should probably make myself an account. :)

  7. welcome to the forums :)

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