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  1. [quote name='Tipu' timestamp='1292020430' post='75086'] ...That whys i used to wonder why none of them uses ur MD chat log. Almost all players do use 3 birds rituals. Hey F.G have u noticed any abnormal movements like they were in the Maze(GG) and all within few seconds they r in GOC(underground). It happened Lot of times including entering the temple(when it cost 115 AP) Twice with a day. All this might be allowed as per the rules but atleast in the future we have to do something about it. [/quote] It's possible that friends use different chat, it's even possible that they go to stra
  2. This question could look like very stupid. However, a lot of things is write about Role Player and I still don't understand what I think it's essential to just THINK about take side of rebel or not. What are Rask's politics for Necrovion? How it's different from Jester politics? I don't want to be rude, but just say that it will change is not enought. I can only see the most superficial effects of the current politics and, personally, I don't see what's wrong. I am NOT taking sides here, but I think that the most important aspects are hiden and maybe it's one of the reasons that only few peo
  3. I suggest you pay by "pay pal", it's not hard to sigh up, you just need a good credit card. I am from Brazil too and I think that it will be more expensive for us pay by phone if it became an option some day. Be patient, complete your free credits doing it day after day. And, when you need more, use other options (like pay pal).
  4. My argument is not ONLY similar rituals. And I know that it don't prove anything for 100% sure. How can I prove anything for sure? It would help me a lot if anyone can explain to me. About the delay, I don't lose a lot of scores because I logout. My other arguments: "...but dabydaby don't have a position in HC, until yesterday at least. It's weird too powerfull accounts don't fight with each other for the heads. Some accounts continue to attack me after I don't have any more heads, they simple reduce my VE (incluind my creatures VE) and, even so, they don't have any position in HC. They ar
  5. [quote name='Rendril' timestamp='1291640022' post='74634'] So you are saying MRKid (?) delayed the HC? As far as I understand it he is allowed to if that's really what he wants. Sure, the rituals are similar but I don't see why that matters. What has he done wrong? [/quote] Delay the HC is just the reason why I am mad about him. There are 2 rules or statements (if the word is more approprieted): "HC is unfair" and also use the alts for the benefit of the main account is forbidden. What we should apply in this case? I don't want to be sarcastic, but if he do notting wrong, can I start
  6. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1291634070' post='74626'] You don't want to make a fuss but you post the pics? Something is wrong here. Besides, I am not going to TRY and guess what I should see on the pictures. So, names please. [/quote] Well, I don't want to take this to the trial, to be more clear. Look that the ritual of dabydaby is very similar to the ritual of MRKid, but dabydaby don't have a position in HC, until yesterday at least. It's weird too powerfull accounts don't fight with each other for the heads. Some accounts continue to attack me after I don't have any more heads, th
  7. [quote name='dst' timestamp='1291628000' post='74611'] First: convert the screen shots to png or jpg. Bmp is waay too big. Second:personally I don't understand who are you blaming. You only show some random(?) print screens. Give names and explain the print screens. [/quote] Well, I try to avoid make an scandal about this issue. Yoshi had a point. As you know, I don't have power to check myself if someone is an alternative account (alt). [quote name='Yoshi' timestamp='1291628382' post='74612'] So, if I understand this correctly, you are implying that the same person is controlling diff
  8. [quote name='Yoshi' timestamp='1291628382' post='74612'] So, if I understand this correctly, you are implying that the same person is controlling different accounts, to attack and take the heads? [/quote] It's good to know that I am not the only one that come up with this possibilitie/theory after saw the pictures. [quote name='Udgard' timestamp='1291629588' post='74613'] Uh, and once you've changed the pic to jpg like dst suggested, you might want to upload the jpg and not the zip, it kinda pains to have to extract it first.. (I know, lazy me). [/quote] I will try it.
  9. Well, I try to avoid put it public, but this guy making a lot of fun of the game system. This soon of the b*** is the ONLY reason why Head Contest is delaying for more than a week. Some people will say that I am doing this just to win HC, I don't care for this lying anymore. I am doing this because of the HIGH disrespect that this guy have, not just with me, but with everone doing HC. I will not arque, just see my screens shots. And please, don't disrespect my little inteligence, tell me that he (or she/it) have a lot of friends from same country in MD. Sorry, but the screens shots is too
  10. Novato

    Grand Sale

    Well, I don't have much use for my coins anyway. 1 Gold coin and 2 silver for the BloodPact, number 4.
  11. Novato

    Grand Sale

    A gold coin for your BloodPact, Priestess.
  12. I know that I don't draw well, in fact I don't draw at all before play MD. I correct some of my draws, but I still don't get why they are "not MD style". When I go to avatar section of MD Shop I see really ugly avis that get approved. Yes, think that some of my draws are better. And I really would like to use some of my own avis instead of a cow and a ugly rabbit that I see there. I know that is much more easy draw some objects than an entire character (that is the reason why I choose to draw some of them), but I saw someone with a kite avi. Then, I ask if there is any problem to draw obje
  13. Thanks for the tip, it was more a problem with my poor skills to use the software than the original draw, I had a problem when I tried to resize the draw.
  14. I just want to know few things. What "not MD style" means? What "too bumpy" means? Is "too bumpy" the opposite of "too faded"? I try to correct a too faded avi, but it was tagged as "too bumpy" after.
  15. Ok, I think it's time to close the topic. I do other destination to the eggs.
  16. I don't like your ideia in general, but I agree that the limit between spoiler or a Tip is very vague. There are mp5 that don't know about the free credits, I saw it. If the mp3 and mp4 are learnning stages, you can ask what they teach. I think that this details should be more discussed.
  17. It's a good ideia. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is a WP for anyone who have a good ideia for improve Marrind Bell, right? Maybe you deserve it. The rewards that you suggest, like Burns state, is maybe a bigger than should. And maybe only few people would like to be a trainne or the majorit of trainnes would sigh up just for the rewards and will not care for doing a good job (the old problem of public employment, if you understand me). And GGG train have limitations. There is a ritual capable increase the wins counter of the winner without give lose to the defeated and both sides los
  18. Novato

    New Ggg?

    [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1290089272' post='72436'] If it's in a public place, we just come back to mp3s and mp4s using it again, and we face the same issue the old GGG had. Running in circles... Besides, it isn't the "New GGG". It was a private training group that used GGG-type rituals. [/quote] [quote name='Ravenstrider' timestamp='1290090132' post='72441'] It's quite different... If you want GGG type rituals out of the game, go to Mur or Rendril... I believe the 0% vs 0% outcome can be easily changed not to give wins for creatures. I explained the reason for it not bein
  19. I waited, waited and none of my angiens hatch different :/ Well, luck for the ones who need angiens with some age. I will post just the age, since they are all the same commom and untokened (no tokens) angiens: age 120 120 (yeah, lesser than one day of age difference) 120 121 122 122 130 190 Today is 18, the bid end on day 28. I won't give the angiens for free, if the price is not decent, I will plan a creative (or not soo creative) way to reward newbies with the angiens eggs.
  20. Novato

    New Ggg?

    All GGG groups that exist nowdays in MD are elitist and the reason are very predictable. If something need to be done in secret few people will do it. Put GGG in one place unlocked by WP or Story Mode will only turn it more elitist from my point of view. Once I read on Mood Panel Seigheart invite only new mp5 to GGG train. How would I react if I am a vet? Well, these people don't want me there because they want train to defeat me. That's rude to say the least. Because of this, I should agree with "...DST has as much right to attempt to destroy your training ground as you do to create one..."
  21. Most funny Character (not that I liked, but, let's be realistic, the majorit of all role player are funny stuff, not nobel mimic stuff) Best artist (don't ask me how to know their work, just a suggestion) Best avatar
  22. @DST It's ok, I know that there are few people who take part in TC. But, some agree just because of spoiler issue and I don't want that things escaloneted to a what I don't see as a good thing, in my opinion of course. I still think that capped players is overreacting, but I now that it was not in your post.
  23. [quote name='Laphers' timestamp='1286000477' post='69495'] Maybe I'm missing something but I've always felt that Mur designed, and continues to design this game to encourage people to explore and to learn, and to test limits and push themselves to new levels. Topics like this are always about putting restrictions on people which I think defeats that purpose. I wonder if our time would be better served discussing ways to develop the game rather than restrict it? [/quote] I agree completelly Come on people, capped ever mp3 and mp4 that saw a landscape? Nobody think that this is a little
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